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It is almost spring and we are working towards our Diversity Concert. TBA

  • In January we explored American jazz and blues. Some composers we learned about were: Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. The children scatted and danced to swing rhythms. 
  • In February we studied music from Africa. Students played the Djembe drum and watched a video of Ewe drumming. Call and Response folk songs like Che Che Koolay and Toom Bah Ellero were class favorites. Classes also participated  bucket drumming, creating 8 bars of improvisation. [Making their own rhythms up on the spot]
  • 3rd grade demonstrated short tunes on their recorders. The 5th grade wrote short compositions and played them with the ukuleles. During the week of Chinese New Year we explored Chinese musical instruments.
  • March music was selected from European countries: France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Australian yodeling, Poland, Italy and Greece. Students demonstrated duple meter, keeping a steady beat dancing and clapping to an Irish Dance Reel.
  • April we explored sounds of the Middle East. Students in all grades were able to identify the major scale and the harmonic minor scale. The harmonic minor has an unusual sound pattern. Students shared emotional connections to the scale. "It sounds sad." "It sounds mysterious." "I like it, it gives me a good feeling!" We sang the scale Do Re May Fa Sol Lay Ti Do. The second week of April was Taiko Japanese drumming. https://youtu.be/UByJ5ufVDxU  When you watch Japanese Taiko drumming do you notice the drummers energy? Are they moving their arms at the same time? Is it loud or soft? Fast or slow? How does it make you feel? Why?
  • Indonesian Gamelon Music - Can you describe the instruments? What do you hear? https://youtu.be/sZZTfu4jWcI

  • We are working on learning our repertoire for the diversity show June 14 Friday details to come. [Ms. M's students will participate with a few exceptions.]
  • May will be music of the Caribbean. Some examples: Reggae - Bachata - Calypso 
  • June will be music of AMERICA 1960's and beyond! Patriotic - Rock n Roll - Motown - R n B - Disco - Rock Pop - Hip Hop - Rap. all clean examples.

Ms M. attended the Mass Music Educator Conference in March and came back with lots of new ideas.
A favorite new book of the K1's is singing Jenny Jenkins.
Ms. M also attended the Boston Children's Chorus in March as she begins to build the JQES choral program.