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JQS Raffle

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The Raffle drawing was held on Friday, March 17th with the help of Ms. Chin's 3rd grade class.  Together we raised $6,000 for the school! Many thanks to all the students, teachers and families who purchased tickets and donated prizes.  Congratulations to Rayya Dennis who won the iPad Mini and Zoe Jones who won the Chromebook Touch!  Please see the attached full list of 
K0-K1 - Ms. O'Leary
K2 - Mr. Barry
1st Grade - Ms. Postma
2nd Grade - Ms. Moy
3rd Grade - Ms. Chin
4th Grade - Mr. Chan
5th Grade - Ms. Fong

KPMG & State Street Bank Book Donation

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  Ms. Gee's ClassToday our community partners KPMG & State Street Bank generously donated 200 books for our 2nd graders!  Our students will bring home a new book for the holidays.  A very special thank you to Marie Stapleton of KPMG for organizing this donation for JQS.  

James Patterson and Scholastic Library Grant

posted Nov 22, 2016, 11:24 AM by Heidi Boulogne

Great news! JQS Library received a $7,500 grant from James Patterson and Scholastic Reading Club to help our school library. We want to thank #PattersonPledge for getting books into the hands of our students. Since 2015, James Patterson is has donated $3.5 million of his own money to save under-funded school libraries nationwide. JQS was selected amongst thousands of applications for funding grants. To learn more, listen to Patterson’s exclusive interview about the critical need for school libraries on the “Scholastic Reads” podcast:oomscholasticblog.com/podcast/james-patterson-loves-libraries Thank you!

Holland & Knight Annual Book Giveaway

posted Oct 21, 2016, 9:39 AM by Heidi Boulogne

For the fourth year Holland & Knight employees visited the Josiah Quincy Elementary School, as part of their 9/11 Day of Service. Holland & Knight very generously donated one book for each of our 900 JQS kids!  Students were very happy to receive a new book and read stories with the volunteers.  Mr. Amara's 3rd graders prepared a beautiful "thank you" card for our friends.  Many thanks to Pamela Poindexter of Holland & Knight for organizing this event and for the firm's continued support of JQS! 

Scholastic Book Fair

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The library hosted our third annual Scholastic Book Fair from June 7th through June 15th.
Families also had a chance to visit our Book Fair during the Spring Fling evening event on June 16th. It was a great opportunity for students to purchase books for summer reading!
We also raised $1,700 for the school.

MSLA Spotlight

posted May 3, 2016, 9:06 AM by Heidi Boulogne

MSLA Spotlight Article

students happily holding books
Happy readers!
group of students with books
Here are our favorite books!
The Josiah Quincy Elementary School is a vibrant public school located in the Chinatown neighborhood in downtown Boston.  Chinatown does not have a public library branch, so for many of our 800 plus students, the school library is it!  With the increase of free digital content available to our students, we have begun transforming our library into a learning commons environment.  To achieve this, the library has been very successful in securing funding for our technology projects through DonorsChoose.  

Our school's community has begun to channel energy into making our school and its curriculum more universally accessible to our diverse student population.We enhanced our school library with a media lab, a white board with a projector, and a mobile microphone system.

students reading books
Independent reading time.
Media Lab:
We have a twenty-two station media lab with a mounted large screen TV.  The lab includes five touch screen monitors with jumbo size keyboards and voice-to-text features. Digital lesson materials are visually interesting and allow for multiple ways of learning language and comprehension. We are able to accommodate our students with visual impairments, attention deficits, and other disabilities with voice-text features, touch screen monitors, and large keyboards.  In this way, we engage all our students with exciting lessons and improve learning by keeping students stimulated and interested. Our entire school community has benefited greatly from this interactive library lab!
students using media lab
Working on interactive lessons.
media lab work
Students in the Media Lab.
digital learning for classes
Classes involved in digital learning.
engaging students in the media lab
Engaged students demonstrate comprehension.
mobile microphone system
Using the mobile microphone!
Mobile Microphone System:
Understanding the urgent need for interactive technologies in our school, we purchased a mobile microphone system.  For our shy children with small voices, the mobile microphone has encouraged students to share their school projects.  We can observe their growing confidence, lessened anxiety, and happy faces as a result.  Classmates engage their peers with their exciting presentations.  Students will use the system to present their projects at our annual STEAM science fair, where our school community gets very excited to show off their hard work!
using technology to become 21st century learners
Exciting presentations!
presenting to classmates
Peer-to-peer learning.
These new technologies in our library are bringing us closer to achieving our mission that all our children are 21st century learners!

Last Stop On Market Street

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On Monday, April 25th, JQS 2nd graders visited the Boston Public Library for a book talk with award winning author Matt De Le Pena.  He read his latest book Last Stop On Market Street, which won this year's Caldecott, Newbury and Coretta Scott King awards!  Each student received a copy of this book and each classroom teacher (and the JQS library) got a signed copy. A big thank you to Laura Koenig and Maggie Levine from BPL for coordinating this amazing event!

Bruins Mascot & Operation Outreach

posted Mar 15, 2016, 12:17 PM by Heidi Boulogne

We welcomed Blades and Lauren from the Bruins last week for a fun read aloud!  The Bruins have teamed up with Operation Outreach - USA, an organization who annually provides free books for our JQS students!  Under this program all of our kindergarten and 1st grade students receive books to bring home.  We are very grateful for our continued partnership with Operation Outreach USA!  We would also like to thank our generous sponsor Evelyn Bateman, who supported this program for the past three years.  A special thanks to Operation Outreach's President, Judith Golden who facilitated this event and the donations!  

JQS Annual Raffle

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On April 15th Mr. Amara's class helped draw the winning raffle tickets.  Congratulations to all of our raffle winners!  Raffle Winners 2016.  Together WE raised over $4,500 for our school!  Mr. Amara's 3rd grade class sold the most tickets with Ms. Fidalgo K-1 coming in for a close 2nd place. The class winners for each grade will have an outdoor party and small prizes: 1st grade - Ms. Friberg; 2nd grade - Ms. Young; 4th grade - Ms. Lau; and 5th grade - Mr. Lydon. Thank you to all the students, families and teachers who donated prizes and bought and sold tickets.  Together WE made this a very successful raffle!

The raffle is in full swing! We have lots of great prizes this year (YMCA Membership, children's bicycle, scooters, Red Sox tickets, a night stay at Loews Hotel, restaurant gift certificates, gifts cards, and more). The drawing will be held on April 15th.  Check your classroom status on the link.  Good Luck!  Raffle Status by Classroom

Donor's Choose Project Funded!

posted Feb 1, 2016, 9:49 AM by Heidi Boulogne

Lets Get Ready For Our STEAM Science Fair!

I am so happy to announce that our project was fully funded over the weekend! It is wonderful to know that so many of our donors understand the urgent need for interactive technologies in our school.

The mobile microphone system will help provide all of our students with access to new learning opportunities. Classmates can engage their peers with exciting presentations and improve learning by keeping it stimulating and interesting. You have brought us closer to achieving our mission that all our children are 21st century learners!
Ms. Boulogne 

Josiah Quincy Elementary School  Boston, MA


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