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Special Education 特殊教育

Special Education at JQS begins in K0 and continues through 5th grade.  Because of its friendly design our school is particularly suited to students with physical disabilities including those with walkers and wheelchairs.  In addition we have a swimming pool that supports students with special needs. 

Following is our staff 

These talented individuals encourage education through a fun, creative and engaging environment.

Federal law guarantees every student the right to a free and appropriate public education regardless of handicap or disability. State law (CMR 28) further guarantees the right to an education in the “least restrictive environment.” That means in typical classroom settings with students without disabilities.

Every Boston public school offers Resource/Learning Center services. These programs provide specialized instruction for up to 10 students in an instructional period.

Many Boston public schools offer services in a substantially separate setting. These programs provide specialized instruction to between 8 and 12 students in an instructional setting.

A number of Boston public schools offer services to students with significant disabilities. These programs range in enrollment from 6 to 10 students.

Three special schools serve students with disabilities: the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Carter School for students with significant cognitive delays, and the McKinley Schools for students with severe emotional and behavioral disabilities. If you believe that your child is having difficulty making progress in a regular classroom due to a disability, you have the right to an evaluation of your child to find out if he or she has a disability and is eligible for special education services. Ask the Principal/Headmaster or the Coordinator of Special Education and Student Services (SESS Coordinator) for more information concerning this evaluation.




聯邦法例保證每個學生的權利,不管殘障,可接受免費和適當的公立教育。州府法例(CMR 28) 作進一步的保證,在“最少受限制環境”接受教育的權利。 意思是在典型的課堂設置,與沒有殘障的學生一起學習。


每所波士頓公立學校提供資源/學習中心服務。 這些課程是最多有10名學生,在教學時段,提供特殊的教學。


一定數量的波士頓公立學校為有顯著殘障學生提供服務。 這些課程只有6至10名學生就讀。

有3間特殊學校是為嚴重殘障學生服務:Horace Mann學校是為聾及弱聽學生,Carter學校是為認知發展遲緩學生和McKinley學校是為嚴重情緒和行為殘障學生。如你認為孩子由於殘障,在常規課堂難獲進展,你有權要求評估孩子,查看他或她是否有殘障,及有資格獲特殊教育服務。向校長或特殊教育協調主任和學生服務(SESS協調員)查詢有關評估詳情。