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SEI (ELL) 進階英語教學(英語學習學生)

Teachers 老師:                          Specialist專科老師:    
Linda Chu-Mei                           Deborah Aguayo-Delgado
Linda Mui-White                        Amanda Alexis
Francisca Wu                             Susan Chin 
                                                Sheila Grice
SEI / ELL    (Sheltered English Instruction classroom/English Language Learners)

 The Josiah Quincy School offers an equal & excellent primary eduction to students without fluent English skills. In fact, JQS was highlighted in a recent study conducted by the Center for Collaborative Education as one of the 4 high performing schools with regards to ELLs !!!! Congratulations to our excellent team, their Paras and all ESL coaches. To view the study, see below.

 The curriculum at JQS for ESL focuses on developing our students' ability to communicate in the English language; speaking reading, writing, and listening, in both social and academic settings.

What is ELL?  What is an English Language Learner?

All students in the Boston area are asked to complete a language survey by their parents.  Ths survey determines the child's home language.  

Then, he/she would go to the Language Assessment Center for an assessment to determine their ELD (English Language Development) level.  

A student with an assigned ELD level, and whose home language is other than English, is an ELL student, an English Language Learner.  ELL students are eligible to receive ESL.

What is ESL?  
An ESL program provides intensive instruction in listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehending English.
English as a Second Language instruction offers services to all ELL students at JQS.

ELD Levels
There are 5 levels of English Language Development proficiency:
    • Newcomer (Level 1)
    • Novice (Level 2)
    • Developing (Level 3)
    • Expanding (Level 4)
    • Bridging  (Level 5)
How do we deliver/provide ESL services to your children?
Depending on the classroom schedule, language needs and other factors, we provide services in two ways:
In the form of a pull out program - the children get pulled out from their main classes to receive ESL services.
Co-teaching, in collaboration with their classroom teacher, in their main classroom.

What materials are used?

  • K-5 National Geographic REACH - Thematic units that integrate language, literacy and content for ELL students.
  • K-5 Pearson READING STREET 
  • Language Central - Various audio/visual materials
  • Teacher-created instructional games

To find out more about SEI/ELL from a BPS overview, 
click here.

進階英語教學 / 英語學習學生


昆士學校JQ S的英文為第二語言ESL課程,在社會和學術環境中,集中發展我們學生在口語、閱讀、寫作和聽力方面的英語溝通能力

在波士頓地區,所有學生家長都要填寫語言調查。 這調查是確定孩子的家庭語言。

然後,他 / 她會去語言評估中心進行評估,確定他們的英語發展水平(ELD )。

被分編為英語發展水平ELD 的學生,而家庭語言並非是英語,便屬英語學習學生。英語學習學生是




o 新生(水平1)

o 初學(水平2)

o 發展(水平3)

o 擴展(水平4)

o 過渡 (水平5)

以抽離課堂的教學形式 - 孩子從他們的主要課堂抽出,接受英文為第二語言ESL小組服務。 

o 幼K至5年級國家地理REACH 課程-綜合語言主題單元、識字和為英語學習學生的內容。

o 幼K-至5 年級Pearson公司出版的閱讀街 

o 語言中央 - 各種各樣的影 / 音教材

o 老師擬訂教學遊戲

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