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Email: jqiu@alum.mit.edu, Web: http://alum.mit.edu/www/jqiu

Short bio:

Jin Qiu received the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 2003, with a minor in business. He also received the M.S. degree in ME from MIT in 1999, and the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Nanjing University in 1997. He invented a curved double beam bistable MEMS structure at MIT, which has been implemented in various MEMS devices developed worldwide. His doctoral work has been cited in literature for more than 100 times. Presently he is with Spatial Photonics, Sunnyvale, CA, working on optical MEMS for projection displays. Previously, he was a MEMS engineer with WiSpry Inc., Irvine, CA, working on CMOS integrated RF tunable capacitors. Still earlier, he was a product development engineer with Tyco Electronics, Menlo Park, CA, working on power electronics components. He holds two issued US patents and several others pending. His interests focus on MEMS devices and process, flexure mechanims, thin film mechanics, and thermal mechanical systems. He is a senior member of IEEE.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, June 1999 – June 2003

Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, June 2003. Minor in Business. GPA 4.8/5.0

Thesis: “An Electrothermally-Actuated Bistable MEMS Relay for Power Applications,”

supervised by Prof. Jeffrey Lang and Prof. Alexander Slocum, read by Prof. Martin Schmidt.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Sept. 1997 – June 1999

M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Feb. 1999. GPA 5.0/5.0.

Thesis: “Plate Impact Dynamics and Noise,” supervised by Prof. Zaichun Feng.


Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, Sept. 1993 – July 1997

B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, July 1997. GPA 4.8/5.0.

Major in Acoustics. Thesis: "Research on Resonant Single Phase Uni-Directional Transducers

(RSPUDT)." RSPUDT is a type of SAW device.

Research experience:

1. At Spatial Photonics, Sunnyvale, CA, Nov 07 - Present.

MEMS mirrors for projection displays.

JIn is working on device physics analysis, reliability and environmet testing, failure anlaysis and yield improvement, actuation design and optimization, etc. 


2. At WiSpry, Inc., Irvine, CA, Sept 05 - Nov 07.

CMOS integrated RF MEMS tunable capacitors development:

Jin was developing CMOS integrated, wafer level encapsulated, multilayer thin film RF MEMS tunable capacitor devices and process. The main application is tunable RF circuits that will greatly simplify RF front end of cell phones etc. 

Jin is a key contributor in the specification, process documentation, stress engineering, design, and characterizatoin of the MEMS components. He is the "most popular presenter" in technical meetings for a long while, reporting all sorts of process/device analysis. He discovered and explained a number of critical device issues, and convinced the team to make major process/design changes towards a high yield device. Jin also designed and layouted multi-supported electrostatic actuators, thin film lids, and package hermeticity test structures.

Jin developed expertise in thin film mechanics, material plasticity, process integration, wyko surface characterization, statistic data analysis, and also became familiar with RF techniques. 

Jin filed two invention disclosures, one was about a process design and became a provisional patent, the other was about a new product concept and was voted "most innovative" by collegues.

3. At Tyco Electronics, Menlo Park, CA, July 03 - Sept 05.

"PolyZen" polymer-zener hybrid circuit protection device:

Jin developed the assembly/packaging method, component specification/selection, and characterization procedure of a prototype polymer-zener hybrid circuit protection device. This prototype has become a real product called "PolyZen" (product site here, and datasheet here). Jin got familiar with various failure analysis, device qualification, thermal and electrical evaluation techniques in this project.

4. Also at Tyco Electronics. Power semiconductor device modeling:

Jin simulated and optimized several power semiconductor device designs, such as tyristor surge protection devices, and low capacitance barrier controlled diodes (issued US patent here). Jin learned and had fun with semiconductor device physics in this project.

5. At MIT Microsystems Technologies Laboratories (MTL) and Precision Engineer Research Group (PERG), June 99 - June 03.

Bistable MEMS relay:

Jin invented an elegant curved double beam bistable structure, that doesn't rely on residual stress for bistablity. It has been widely referenced in literature and implemented in various MEMS devices developed worldwide in universities and companies. He further developed a electrothermally actuated, bulk micromachined bistable MEMS relay, as the focus of doctoral thesis (a relay movie here). Jin gained four years of hands-on process experience in MTL, including thin film processes, DRIE, wafer bonding etc.

The bistable structure invention has been awarded a US patent. The thesis project progress was ranked #1 by sponsor ABB Corporation among twenty university projects worldwide. Jin published two papers in JMEMS about this work, and another paper in PNAS. He attended IEEE MEMS'01 conference in Switzerland, and MEMS'03 conference in Japan to present his work.

6. Also at MIT MTL and PERG. "Flextester" of micro mechanisms:

Jin lead a student team to design the first prototype of a force-displacement structure tester of micro mechanisms. (presentation here, and full project website here) The development work includes mechanical, machining, electrical, optical and software aspects. This instrument has been used in the characterization of at least three projects in MIT, and since then was developed into nmTester, a real product.

This instrument is patent pending, and is reported in an article in Advanced Materials & Processes magazine August 2004 issue. Jin attended the 10th International Conference on Precision Engineering in Japan to present a paper about this work.

7. At MIT Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory(AVL), Aug 97 - May 99.

Nonlinear plate impact dynamics:

Jin explored the nonlinear plate impact dynamics. He conducted vibraiton and noise modeling, wrote a Java program with graphical user interfacefor to do numerial simulation, and observed interesting nonlinear phenomenons such as bifurcation and chaos. This project was sponsored by Ford Motor to study rattle noise in cars. Jin published a paper about this work.

8. At Nanjing Univ State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, Sept 96 - June 97. SAW filter thesis work:

Jin did research on RSPUT, Resonant Single Phase Unidirectional Transducer, a SAW filter built on Quartz. 

Other experiences:

1. Worked as Teaching Assistant (Recitation, grading) for Dynamics, one of the two largest graduate level course in the MIT Mechaincal Engineering department, Fall 2002.

2. Reviewed papers for Journal of MEMS, Sensors and Actuators A, Journal of Mechanical Design, and International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.

3. Taught MEMS prcess (slides here) and actuator sessions of an RF MEMS course organized by nanoMEMS Research LLC, Irvine, CA, April 2007.

Patents and representative papers: (click for pdf)

US patent # 7,244,970, “Low Capacitance two-terminal barrier controlled TVS diodes," Adrian I. Cogan, Jin Qiu, Richard A. Blanchard, July 17, 2007.

US patent # 6,911,891, “Bistable Actuation Techniques, Mechanisms, and Applications,” J. Qiu, A. Slocum, J. Lang, R. Struempler, M. Brenner, J. Li, June 28, 2005.

US pending patent # 20030009898, “Characterization of Microstructure Force-displacement Behavior,” A. Slocum, J. Qiu, J. Sihler, J. Li, E. Suh, S. Awtar, filed by MIT, 2003.

A US provisional patent of a MEMS process design, J. Qiu, filed by WiSpry, June 2008. 

"Effect of Sacrificial Layer Compliance on Thermal Stresses of Composite MEMS Beams," J. Qiu, S. Cunningham, A. Morris, NEMS 2009. (presentation)

"Failure Analysis and Design Optimization of Thyristor Surge Protection Devices," J. Qiu, R. Cid, A. Cogan, R. Blanchard, a research abstract prepared for a power semiconductor conference, 2004

“A Bulk-Micromachined Bistable Relay with U-Shaped Thermal Actuators,” J. Qiu, J. Lang, A. Slocum, A. Weber, Journal of MicroElectroMechanical Systems, Oct 2005.

“A Curved-Beam Bistable Mechanism,” J. Qiu, J. Lang, A. Slocum, Journal of MicroElectroMechanical Systems, vol. 13- 2, 137-146, April 2004.

“Optimum Design of a Bistable Switch,” M. Brenner, J. Lang, J. Li, J. Qiu, A. Slocum, Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 100-17, 9663-9667, Aug. 2003.

“An Instrument to Measure the Stiffness of MEMS Mechanisms,” J. Qiu, J. Sihler, J. Li, V. Sturgeon, M. Smith, A. Slocum, Proc. 10th International Conf. on Precision Engineering, Japan, June 2001.

“Parameter Dependence of the Impact Dynamics of Thin Plates,” J. Qiu, Z. Feng, Journal of Computers & Structures 75 (2000) 491-506.