Management and Staffing 

Edwina Mountbatten House is owned and operated by a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) called "The Countess Mountbatten of Burma Romsey Memorial Trust" (CIO No. 1155615) and the Trustees meet at the premises every month. One Trustee undertakes an inspection of the premises on a monthly basis and seeks to meet residents and staff for private conversation on any matters which are raised. Reports of these matters are placed before all Trustees at their next meeting.

The Chairman of the CIO Trust (Mr Ian Hibberd) is registered as the provider of the Care Home and day-to-day management is delegated to the Manager ( Mrs Angela O'Harte)

Each resident has a Care Plan or "Service Users Plan". This is to ensure that the care is consistent and staff can become aware of and deal with any problems or worries that a resident may have. The plans are reviewed on a monthly basis. The Plan is a private document and is only made available to staff who need to know its contents to provide the right care. Meals are prepared by our own cooks, but household cleaning is contracted with regular staff undertaking the duties.  

It is the policy of the Trustees to encourage all staff who wish to do so to work for the National Vocational Qualification appropriate to the post held. By this and other means, it is hoped that staff will continue with us and so offer the continuity of care which is so important to residents.  Indeed most of the staff are long standing and have been with the home many years.