Moving into the Home

Moving into the Home
Admission to the Home is open to elderly persons living in or having connections in Hampshire.

Those who, after an initial visit to the Home, wish to consider taking up residence, are invited to register their name with the Manager. A full assessment of the prospective resident's needs is made before admission. This is normally arranged either in the resident's own home or on a visit to Edwina Mountbatten House.

If both parties agree that the Home is suitable, a trial period of one month is arranged which is charged at the rate of the room occupied for that period.

At the end of the trial period, a further discussion takes place to decide if permanent residence would be right. If it is, a formal agreement is prepared and signed by the Resident and the Manager. The Resident is given a copy of that agreement to keep.

During their period of residence, each Resident has a Care Plan (sometimes called "a Service User's Plan") prepared by the Manager and signed by the Resident. This ensures that staff are aware of that Resident's needs and it is reviewed every month. The Plan is a private document and is only made available to staff who need to know its contents to provide the right care.

Complaints Procedure
Complaints of a general nature can be made at the Residents' meetings with the Manager.

Individual complaints can be made to the Manager ( Mrs Angela O'Harte) by Residents or their representatives at any time. If dissatisfied, they may pursue the complaint by writing to the Chairman of the CIO Trustees, Mr Ian Hibberd. If still dissatisfied, a complaint can be made to the CQC:

Care Quality Commission,
Newcastle upon Tyne,