Extension Tube Macro Ring

Macro rings from B.V. Electronics england
+ Olympus 520 + Zuiko Digital 40-150mm 1:4-5,6 I took following
test photos, I'am satisfied, just 14euro package and so many new perspectives:

This is whitout macro extension, flower size about 50 x 50 mm:

All three extension rings, object size abt 4mm x 4mm

Flower size 30 x 30 mm

about 20 x 20mm :

size 7 x 7 mm:

same 7 x 7mm

Anyway, macro ring jammed whit objective, release knob did not moved, I needed force to take macro ring away,... 7 eur ring damaged 300eur objective,... B.V. Electronics dose not understand problem,.. do you?

If you do not take risk orginal is available here:

Olympus EX-25mm Macro Extension Tube + Accessory Kit