ducati dose not start? just questions, no answer !

Turn key on.

Dose bike accept RF ( key id trough, radio ) and dose key lock work physically?
  power goes on

Dose fuel pump create pressure, prime ?
  You hear it working?

Press start up button?
  Do you hear start motor?  ( Start button need to be cleaned after 5-7years or replaced, start motor can be broke )

Is motor killer ON or OFF? If ON then it can be switch it self, then see below Power On Switch Maintance by photos's

Do you have gear ON ? ( There is logic that prevent's accidental start up! )
Do you have side stand ON ? ( There is logic that prevent's accidental start up! )

Do you have fuel?

Is battery full loaded and good condition ( goes bad 5-7years )

Is earth line ok?

Dose fuel smell at exhaust?

Fuel line connected correctly after service?

Fuel filter and fuel direction in filter correct?

When you remove spark plugs you can smell fuel?

Is spark plug ok?

Is lines to spark plug ok?

Is coil ok?

Is The conduit / harness / connector that goes directly to the ECU
in place, it can loose ?

Power On Switch Maintance by photos's

Ok it was on, switch it self can be oxidized or broken!
Let's open it and clean.

Get it part's, be careful there is spring inside!

Your non/existent Ducati Warranty have not been valid after you started doing this.
I forget to put warning to the top.

Yes, this is connector after cleaning!!!
And now start\s the hard part, I can not help you,
you should get parts back IT IS NOT EASY.

One tip, build whole par's block and insert inside,
 take spring up whit small screw driver, tighten.
OR you can do as they do at PRO-DUCATI service,
 change whole part just 500box +++