Bluetooth/3.5plug Intercom Review - PRODUCTS UNDER TESTING NOW

I have been seeking blue tooth alternative for harsh environment’s like noisy machine room, motorbike, yacht at heavy weather, windsurfing, snowboarding and  so one.  I have not found yet 100% satisfactory product. I will write here pro/con's about product what I already know and if you can share information about some product kindly write to - there is no reward for information!

General Technical

At noisy environment Throat mic is best solution and as speaker bone conductive speaker.
Those are hard to find and connect to your water tight Android device. Proper hardware cost.
Another problem is water resistance. Product should be water tight.
Communication between devices has own problem's. Device might have possibility to connect other same kind/made products. Also there are Android applications connecting phone's together within range blue tooth or over wifi. At Blue tooth world there is Master and slave unit's that connect together but two master can not. At Wifi world all devices talk's together.


a) Adjust android volume to full and then bluetooth speaker volume before it's starts crackling.
b) Turn off anti noise cancelling if device dose it.
c) Install Auto-answer Application
d) e-mail & sms to speech application are great companion as well phone call blocker

Chinese Intercom

I bought one around 30eur from eBay. It came fast from Hong Kong. Slave unit did not work properly and I send it back. Seller said that they send replacement immediately. After 4 month's and lot's e-mail they said that they will send replacement after received viable unit. Happy end was that Finish Postal service paid in cash lost unit!!!
And about unit,.. you can listen music while driving, you can get instructions from navigation software like Sygic .  To speak you have to stop and you do not have to open helmet  whit phone. Over 80km/h speed noise at helmet start's to dominate.

Tactical Throat

I had to say this company has best sale's people for long time. Product is still under test, for me too new to me make conclusions.
Some short note's: earpiece drop's down, not watertight, too small and sensitive control buttons, work's nicely if you install Android auto-answer function.
So far unit work's as bluetooth. I took professional version. I must speak loud to get heard! Whit profesional version you must use such loud speaking that you can not use unit at public place but while at engine room or driveing moto - who care's. Troath mic dose the job anti cancels noise but speech is cracking such way that people are not intrested to do long conversations - not bad, not interested long conversations in those situations wearing this unit.

   Tactical Throat
 Chinese Intercom
 Waiting suggestions
 Star's value:
water resistance:
noise immunity: *
production quality:*****

value: ***
water resistance: ***
noise immunity: ***
production quality:***
price  199 eur
 bought from  Samson Telecommunications & Electronics Ltd  
 Water resistance
 mic  throat mic
-you must stop and not much noise to get heard
 speaker ear plugin
-drop's too easyly, must take helmet off too often,
 not acceptable

 ear protection
 can NOT be used whit ear protection
 can be used whit ear protection, speaker is enough loud to hear speech up to 60-80km/h
 ear plug's
 can NOT be used whit ear plug's
 you can use ear plug's
  < 80km/h
 Yes for listening ( no peotection to ear )
Throat mic have not operated acceptable level
Yes for listening (whit ear plug's protecting ear)
yes for speaking around 60km/h
 < 120km/h
 Yes for listening ( dose not protect ear so it can be damaged )
Throat mic have not operated acceptable level
NO for listening (whit ear plug's protecting ear)
NO for speaking
 connections  only to one device at time whitin 10m
 several devices, work's as master and slave, can connect up to 500m to same kind of device
 Tecnical Spec
Bluetooth V 2.1 + EDR
2.4-2.483 GHz , ISM Band
Talk/Standby 8hours / 250 hours
Connection: peer to peer
Encryption: 128bits

Audio & Other:
Sensitivity > 500mV / 03.16g ( 200Hz-4000Hz)
S/N > 18db
Operation Current < 30mA
supply voltage 9 VDC
bias resistance 300Ohm
weight 63g

Talk/Standbye 7hours / 200 hours

Audio & Other:
Operation Current < 55-75mA
 Power adaptor
AC 110V  US
 AC 110-220V  US/EU