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Product rating:

INSTALLATION: POOR  (supplied part's useless)

MORE: http://www.osco.nl/

Stainless Steel!!!

To install OSCO permanently, properly, you must  use stainless steel hose clamp from local store at package you find cable ties and those function pretty well.

Under 5 Celsius device is totally useless due high oil viscosity. Original plastic adhesives you will soon find between sprockets and chain.

 After 4 years, all printing goes away from plastics and some scratch from hitting stones. No problem's to lube chain and extended chain life gained!!!
Paye's it self.
 just After installation

This photo is from Mitch, best location to install lubing nose could be at front sprocket.

Here is mine installation !

By the way I got as warranty new Oil pipe niple and Oil bottle. Surprise was that oil was clear like water and actually after 500km drive my black chain's where steel brite! Asked what hell this is, it's their new formula Favicon Oil !!!

For Cable ties do three 3mm holes, whit small cable ties fix oiling pipe to rear chain guard.
I have changed recently cable ties to steel wire due cable ties tend to broke by CHAIN !

Oil pipe nipple can touch to chain, adjust oiling pipe nipple length by sawing correct size ! At my case it I had to take all away. Also nut can loose, so use locking glue.

For good operation you should not make plastic oil pipe shorter.

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