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Ebook Manajemen Hanya Rp. 50.000,-

Anda akan mendapatkan 2 DVD berisi lebih dari 200 ebook manajemen HR tentang assessment center, rekrutmen, seleksi, performance appraisal, training, coaching, career, leadership, decision making, knowledge management, six sigma dan topik-topik penting lainnya!!!

Karena kami tahu Anda tidak mau repot, maka kami menyediakannya untuk Anda

Ya hanya Rp.50.000,- + ongkos kirim via TIKI

Jadi total yang harus Anda bayarkan tidak lebih dari seratus ribu rupiah, dan Anda akan mendapatkan banyak sekali ebook yang dikemas dalam 2 DVD (vol.1 dan vol.2), yang kesemuanya buku import dan sangat berkualitas untuk pengetahuan dan meningkatkan kemampuan Anda dalam memahami manajemen HR

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Vol 1

  1. 101 Great Classroom Games
  2. 101 More Games for Trainers: A Collection of the Best
  3. 101 Sample write-ups for documenting employee performance problems
  4. 21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook
  5. 25 Role Plays for Interview Training
  6. 2600 Phrases for effective performance reviews
  7. 50 Case studies for management & supervisory training
  8. 50 math and science games for leadership
  9. 5-D leadership: Key dimensions for leading in the real world
  10. 6 Habit of highly effective teams
  11. A Practical guide to assessment center and selection methods
  12. Advances in decision making under risk and uncertainty
  13. Aligning human resources and business strategy
  14. Analysis for improving performance
  15. Assessment centers in human resources management
  16. Assessment methods in recruitment, selection & performance
  17. Best practice in inventory management
  18. Best Practice in inventory management 2nd ed
  19. Beyond human error: taxonomies and safety science
  20. Blackwell handbook of judgment & decision making
  21. Building character: strengthening the heart of good leadership
  22. Business measurement for safety performance
  23. Business modeling
  24. Business plan handbook
  25. Business plans to game plans
  26. Career paths: Charting courses to success for organizations and their employees
  27. Career planner: Choosing occupation planning series
  28. Case studies in Performance management: A guide from the experts
  29. Computer-Based diagnostic and systematic analysis of knowledge
  30. Changing nature of human resource management
  31. Chinese big business in Indonesia
  32. Coaching and mentoring: Practical conversations to improve learning
  33. Coaching competencies and corporate leadership
  34. Coaching in organizations: Best coaching practices from the Ken Blanchard Companies
  35. Collective behavior and public opinion
  36. Communicating for change
  37. Communication skills
  38. The communicator's pocket book
  39. Competency-based resumes
  40. Computing Attitude and Affect in Text: Theory and Applications
  41. Creating a strategic human resources organization: An assessment of trends and new directions
  42. Creativity at work
  43. Dealing with problem employees
  44. Decision analysis for management judgment
  45. Decision making using game theory
  46. Decision making & Problem solving strategies
  47. Decision modeling and behavior in complex and uncertain environments
  48. Decision options: The art and science of making decisions
  49. Design management case studies
  50. Developing change leaders
  51. Dictionary of Human resources and personnel management
  52. Easier than you think: because life doesn't have
  53. Emotional logic and decision making
  54. Empowerment: HR strategies for service excellent
  55. Essentials of HR management
  56. Essential tools for organizational performance
  57. Essentials of corporate performance measurement
  58. E-training and development
  59. Expertise out of context: proceeding of the sixth international conference of naturalistic decision making
  60. Extraordinary performance: from ordinary people
  61. Frameworks of thinking
  62. From technical specialists to supervisor
  63. Games that boost performance
  64. Global strategic planning: Cultural perspectives for profit and non-profit organization
  65. Goal setting: how to create an action plan and achieve your goals
  66. Good reasoning matters: a constructive approach to critical thinking
  67. Group-works skills and theory
  68. Handbook of decision making
  69. Handbook of econometrics: vol. 6A
  70. Handbook of management techniques
  71. Handbook of multicultural assessment
  72. Handbook of personnel selection
  73. Hazard analysis techniques for system safety
  74. How to make collaboration work: powerful ways to build consensus solve problems, and make decisions
  75. How to win any argument: without raising your voice, loosing your cool, or coming to blows
  76. How to win friends & influence people
  77. HR strategy
  78. HR transformation technology
  79. Human capital management
  80. Human capital: theory and evidence
  81. Human capital: how what you know shape your life
  82. Human error: causes and control
  83. Human factor in simulation and training
  84. Human factor in training of pilot
  85. Human performance, workload and situational awareness measures handbook
  86. Human relationship skills : Coaching and self-coaching
  87. Human resource management
  88. Human safety and risk management
  89. I know what you are thinking
  90. Improve your coaching and training skills
  91. Individual assessment: as practiced in Industry and consulting
  92. Innovative forms of organizing
  93. Interviewing techniques for managers
  94. Intuition in judgment and decision making
  95. Service design for Six sigma: a road-map for excellence
  96. The Big book of Customer service training games
  97. The Blackwell encyclopedic dictionary of organizational behavior
  98. The Brave new world of e HR
  99. The complete reference checking handbook: The proven (and legal) way to prevent hiring mistakes
  100. The decision making pocket book
  101. The evolution of communication
  102. The first time manager's guide to: performance appraisals
  103. The handbook of communication skills
  104. The handbook of equity style management
  105. The handbook of model job descriptions
  106. The strategic development of talent
  107. Writing on effective business plan

Vol 2

  1. Investing in your company's human capital
  2. ISO 9000:200 an A-Z guide
  3. Job feedback: giving, seeking, and using feedback for performance improvement
  4. Key management models
  5. Key performance indicators: developing, implementing, and using winning KPIs
  6. Knowledge management in theory and practice
  7. Knowledge management: organizational and technical dimensions
  8. Knowledge management: tools and techniques, practitioners and experts evaluate KM solutions
  9. Leadership development: a guide for HR and training professionals
  10. Leadership for leaders
  11. Leadership lessons of the navy seals
  12. Leadership skills
  13. Leadership training
  14. Leading change training
  15. Leading teams: revised edition
  16. Lean performance ERP project management
  17. Literacy and augmentative and alternative communication
  18. The manager's toolkit: building blocks for success
  19. Managing group risk attitude
  20. Managing information and human performance
  21. Managing operations
  22. Managing performance
  23. Managing projects in human resources, training and development
  24. Managing risk: the human resources contribution
  25. Managing risk: the human element
  26. Mastering people management
  27. Military leadership: in pursuit of excellence
  28. Motivational interviewing: preparing people for change
  29. Multicultural assessment: principles, application and examples
  30. Recruiting and training fund-raising volunteers
  31. Young person's occupational handbook outlook
  32. Online assessment and measurement: foundations and challenges
  33. Organizational behavior: securing competitive advantage
  34. Paying for performance
  35. Perfect phrases for setting performance goals
  36. Performance based management systems: effective implementation and maintenance
  37. The performance management pocketbook
  38. Performance management: finding the missing pieces (to close the intelligence gap)
  39. Personal effectiveness
  40. Problem based learning and creativity
  41. Proving the value of HR: How and why to measure ROI
  42. Quantitative business valuation: a mathematical approach for today's professionals
  43. The quest for general theory of leadership
  44. Resume guide for $100.000+executive jobs
  45. Rethinking performance measurement: beyond the balance scorecard
  46. Right person right job: Guess or know, the breakthrough technologies of performance information
  47. Risk assessment and decision making in business and industry
  48. Sign of success
  49. Six sigma for small and mid-sized organizations: success through scalable deployment
  50. Six sigma for small business
  51. Six sigma statistics with excel and minitab
  52. Smart talent management: building knowledge assets for competitive advantage
  53. Smashing wordpress
  54. Strategic alignment process and decision support systems: theory and case studies
  55. Strategic career management: developing your talent
  56. Strategic ERP: Extension and used
  57. Strategic human capital management: creating value through people
  58. Strategic human resources management: a guide to action
  59. Strategic six sigma: best practices from the executive suite
  60. Strategic business partner: critical role for human resource professionals, aligning people strategies with business goals
  61. Strategic performance management: leveraging and measuring your intangible value drivers
  62. Successful talent strategies: Achieving superior business results through market-focused staffing
  63. Supply chain management and advanced planning: concepts, models, software and case studies
  64. The talent advantage: how to attract and retain the best and the brightest
  65. Talent: making people your competitive advantage
  66. Team effectiveness in complex organizations: cross-disciplinary perspectives and approaches
  67. The 108 skills of natural born leaders
  68. The AMA guide to management development
  69. The art of command
  70. The art of decision making
  71. The big book of customer service training games
  72. CRM pocketbook
  73. The CCL handbook of coaching: a guide of the leader coach
  74. The coaching pocketbook
  75. The developing people pocketbook
  76. The efficient enterprise
  77. The extracted MBA
  78. The facilitator's pocketbook
  79. The fast forward MBA in business planning growth
  80. The leader's edge: six creative competencies for navigating complex challenge
  81. The leader's toolkit
  82. The leadership lexicon: a handbook of leadership competencies with skills and development actions
  83. The leadership pocketbook
  84. The management task
  85. The manager's book of questions: 1001 interview questions for hiring the right person
  86. The manager's step by step guide to outsourcing
  87. The mating mind
  88. The MBA career bible
  89. The mentoring pocketbook
  90. The networking pocketbook
  91. The new human capital strategy
  92. People manager's pocketbook
  93. The performance appraisal question and answer book: a survival guide for manager
  94. The power of minds at work: organizational intelligence in action
  95. The product manager's field guide
  96. The ROI field book: strategies for implementing ROI in HR and training
  97. The six sigma way: How GE, Motorola, and other top companies are honing their performance
  98. The starting management pocketbook
  99. The team-building activities pocketbook
  100. The theory and practice of training
  101. The thinker's pocketbook
  102. The three secrets of wise decision making
  103. The trainer's handbook
  104. The vault guide to the case interview
  105. The world at work handbook of compensation, benefits, and total rewards
  106. Thinking with data
  107. TLC at work: training, leading and coaching, all types for star performance
  108. A toolkit of motivational skills: encouraging change in individuals
  109. Toyota talent: developing your people the Toyota way
  110. Transformational leadership
  111. Transforming HR
  112. Transforming HR: creating value through people
  113. Transforming organizations: strategies and methods
  114. T Shirt and suits: a guide to business creativity
  115. Understanding research methods: a guide for the public and nonprofit manager
  116. Using individual assessment in the workplace: a practical guide for HR Professionals, trainers, and managers
  117. Muhammad Yunus: Creating a world without poverty

Ebook Psikologi Hanya Rp. 50.000,-

Anda akan mendapatkan DVD berisi ratusan ebook psikologi dengan beragam topik terdiri dari psikologi klinis, sosial, kepribadian, pendidikan, perkembangan, psikometri, kognitif, statistik, psikologi penerbangan, psikologi olahraga dan topik-topik penting lainnya!!!

Karena kami tahu Anda tidak mau repot, maka kami menyediakannya untuk Anda

Ya hanya Rp.50.000,- + ongkos kirim via TIKI

Jadi total yang harus Anda bayarkan tidak lebih dari seratus ribu rupiah, dan Anda akan mendapatkan banyak sekali ebook yang dikemas dalam DVD (vol.1 dan vol.2), yang kesemuanya buku import dan sangat berkualitas untuk pengetahuan dan meningkatkan kemampuan Anda dalam memahami manajemen HR

Jangan lewatkan untuk pesan sekarang!!!

Vol 1.

  1. Constructing measures: an item response theory approach
  2. Counceling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice
  3. Criminal psychology and forensic technology
  4. Criminology: the key concepts
  5. Criterion referenced test development: technical and legal guidelines for corporate training
  6. Critical discursive psychology
  7. Cultural intelligence: a guideline to working with people from other cultures
  8. Deeper than reason: emotion and its role in literature music and art
  9. Dream psychology
  10. Driver behaviour and training
  11. The early stages of schizophrenia
  12. Easier than you think: because life doesnt to be so hard
  13. Elements of adaptive testing
  14. Emotional logic and decision making
  15. Emotions in humans artifacts
  16. Employment personality tests decoded
  17. Encyclopedia of applied psychology
  18. Encyclopedia of cognitive behavior therapy
  19. Encyclopedia of creativity
  20. Encyclopedia of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
  21. Essential guide to generic skills
  22. Handbook of child development and early education: research to practice
  23. Handbook of cognition
  24. Handbook of cognitive science
  25. Handbook of communication skills
  26. Handbook of decision making
  27. Handbook of environmental psychology
  28. Handbook of forensic psychology
  29. Handbook of multicultural assessment: clinical, psychological and educational applications
  30. Handbook of multicultural perspectives on stress and coping
  31. Handbook of personality
  32. Handbook of personnel selection
  33. Handbook of personology and psychopathology
  34. Handbook of psychodiagnostic testing
  35. Handbook of psychological assessment
  36. Handbook of psychology
  37. Intelligence: a brief history
  38. Intelligent testing: integrating psychological theory and clinical practice
  39. Interpreting the CMMI: a process improvement approach
  40. Interviewing and diagnostic exercises for clinical and counseling skills building
  41. Introducing neuropsychology
  42. Introduction to forensic psychology
  43. IQ testing 101
  44. Witchcraft: a concise guide
  45. Item response theory: understanding statistics measurement
  46. Mastering hypnosis
  47. Mastering forensic psychiatric practice
  48. Measurement in psychology
  49. Measuring the mind
  50. Mechanical & Spatial aptitude
  51. Medical illness and positive life change
  52. Mental health and violent youth
  53. The millon inventories: clinical and personality assessment
  54. MMPI-A: assessing adolescent psychopathology
  55. Modern multidimensional scaling: theory and applications
  56. Principles and practice of aviation psychology
  57. Research methods in clinical psychology: an introduction for students and practitioners
  58. Research methods in the social sciences
  59. Revealing statistical principles
  60. Romantic psychoanalysis
  61. Scoring the rorschach
  62. Scripts and strategies in hypnotherapy: the complete works
  63. Self expression
  64. Serial murder an the psychology of violent crimes
  65. Serial violence: analysis of modus operandi and signature characteristics of killers
  66. Sex related homicide and death investigation: practical and clinical perspectives
  67. Sex violence and crime
  68. Sexual deviance
  69. Sexuality: psychoanalitic perspectives
  70. Simple treatments for complex problems
  71. Simulation: the practice of model development and use
  72. Social neuroscience
  73. Space psychology and psychiatry
  74. Spatial processing in navigation, imagery and perception
  75. Sport and exercise psychology
  76. The sport psychologist's handbook
  77. SPSS 15 command syntax reference
  78. SPSS base 15 user's guide
  79. SPSS for introductory statistics
  80. Statistics for social science and public policy
  81. Statistics explained: a guide for social science study
  82. Straight talk about psychological testing for kids
Vol 2.
  1. A beginners guide to the MCMI III
  2. A Competitive anxiety review
  3. A dictionary of literary symbols
  4. Abnormal psychology
  5. Action in perception
  6. ABAS-II: clinical use and interpretation
  7. Advanced hypnotherapy
  8. Advanced learners grammar
  9. Advances in personality science
  10. Advances in treatment of bipolar disorder
  11. Aggressive offenders cognition: theory, research and practice
  12. Textbook of psychoanalysis
  13. Analyzing character
  14. Anger management for dummies
  15. Applied neuropsychology of attention
  16. Applied psychology
  17. Applied statistics using SPSS, STATISTICA, MATLAB and R
  18. The aptitude test workbook
  19. Attitude to safety and organizational culture
  20. Attitudes and attitude change
  21. Aviation psychology and human factors
  22. Behavioral interventions in cognitive behavior therapy
  23. Biometrics
  24. Encyclopedia of psychology Vol. 1 - 5
  25. Essential MBTI
  26. Essentials of stanford-binet intelligence scales (SB5) assessment
  27. Essentials of KABC-II assessment
  28. Essentials of temperament assessment
  29. Essentials of WIAT II and KTEA II assessment
  30. Essentials of WAIS IV assessment
  31. Experimental design and statistics
  32. Exploring cognitive development: the child as problem-solver
  33. Exploring the psychology of interest
  34. Frameworks of thinking
  35. More psychometric testing
  36. Motivational interviewing: preparing people for change
  37. Muticultural assessment: Principles, applications and examples
  38. Multidimensional scaling
  39. Multiple intelligences and leadership
  40. National biometrics test center: collected works 1997-2009
  41. Neuropsychology of memory
  42. New directions in interpreting the millon clinical multiaxial inventory (MCMI III)
  43. Nurture the nature
  44. Organizational psychology
  45. Personal effectiveness
  46. Personality and intelligence at work
  47. Personality and social behavior
  48. Personality and work
  49. Personality assessment
  50. Personality disorders in modern life
  51. Personality in adulthood: a five factor theory perspective
  52. Psychology screening manual: post psychological screening
  53. Psychology test: practice book
  54. Psychology's grand theorists: how personal experiences shaped professional ideas
  55. Psychometrics in coaching: using psychological and psychometric tools for development
  56. Psychosocial criminology
  57. Qualitative data analysis: a user-friendly guide for social scientists
  58. Qualitative research in psychology: expanding perspectives in methodology and design
  59. Spiritual science of sex-element
  60. Theoretical approaches in psychology
  61. Terrorism: perspectives from the behavioral and social sciences
  62. Test your numerical aptitude
  63. Test your business english general usage
  64. Textbook of personality disorders
  65. The adolescent in family therapy
  66. The art and science of psychoterapy
  67. The celebral code
  68. the complete anxiety treatment and homework planner
  69. The corporate personality test
  70. The essential practitioner's handbook of personal construct psychology
  71. The evolution of communication
  72. The gale encyclopedia of psychology
  73. The handbook of experiential learning
  74. The neuropsychology of anxiety: an enquiry into the functions of septo-hippocampal system
  75. The psychology of lust murder: paraphilia, sexual killing and serial homicide
  76. The psychology of work: theoretically based empirical research
  77. The new predator women who kill: profiles of female serial killers
  78. The psychological assessment of political leaders: with profiles of saddam hussein bill clinton
  79. The psychology of humor
  80. The psychology of interrogations and confessions: a handbook
  81. The psychology of leadership
  82. The psychology of religion: a short introduction
  83. The psychology of sales success: learn to think like your customer to close every sale
  84. The psychology of serial killer investigations
  85. The symbolism of tarot
  86. The times book of IQ tests