This is a selection of pics we have taken in the garden
This is our pet pheasant, he is part Golden and part Lady Amhurst; he is free flying.
  Some of our first spring ducklings     2011
 We had a White Campbell for sixteen and a half years she layed 363 egg in 370 days in her first laying year.
I like black ducks so I have breed the Black Campbell by crossing a Campbell and a Indian Runner. The Runner was carring Black and blue genes so I also have Blue Campbells. 
 In 2014 the ducklings for sale will be 1/256 Runner and 255/256 Campbell. 
 Here we have a Dark Campbell and a Khaki Campbell duck, Dark Campbells don,t have the brown dilution gene/s like the Khakies 

 Some of our Japanese Quails
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