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RIR X Light Sussex

   The Rhode Island Red is a good layer of large brown eggs. The hens will rarely go broody and can produce around 260 eggs per year each. Developed in Rhode Island in the 1830s, various breeds were used in their makeup, including Malays, Cochins and Brown Leghorns.. The cock will weigh about 8 1/2 pounds and the hens run about one pound lighter.
  The Light Sussex is an English breed that has been around since the turn of the century but the roots of the breed go back to Roman times. The Light Sussex has been used widely in the development of sex-linked hybrids, for commercial laying flocks.
  We keep a Rhode Island Red Cockerel and eight Light Sussex hens. This is a sex linked cross giving us ginger hen chicks and white cocks. The hens are a good sturdy hybrid egg layer, laying large brown eggs.
 Eggs: Up 260 per year
 Weight: Cock: 3.8 Kg, Hen: 3.5 Kg
We do keep some chick until they are POL hens but most sell before they get that old.
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