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Japanese Quails

   Japanese Quail  are from East Asia.
  Japanese quail are used mainly for meat and egg production but make very good pets too. Japanese quail are one of the simplest and most rewarding forms of poultry to keep they are particularly good as an introduction to poultry keeping, people with limited space or for children wanting to keep some poultry for the first time. Almost anyone can keep Japanese quail as their space requirements are much less than any other form of poultry, you can keep four to six in a rabbit hutch. 

  Egg production levels and feed conversion are virtually unsurpassed, each quail eats approx 7.5 kg of feed a year and are capable of laying 320 eggs in that time, so allowing an average of 300 eggs (25 dozen) per year quail eggs can fetch from £1.50 to £3.00 per dozen in price

  We started to breed Japanese Quails in late 2010, one of our first bred females came into lay at only 42 days old.

  We now breed the Roux strain of egg laying Japanese Quail in Fawn and Yellow giving us a sex-linked cross. We can now tell the sex of the quail as they hatch.  
                                                        Normal                                                                                                         Yellow
 Eggs: Up to 320 per year.
 Weight: Cock: 100-140 g, Hen: 120-160 g.

 For futher info or to purchase birds or eggs please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.      Mobile     07882630377.