Ordering Day olds
We only take orders for day old birds and eggs due to lack of space. 
Orders for day olds are to be collected by Sunday evening time of the week they are hatched.
The chicks and ducklings are hatched on a Thursday, then sexed on a Friday the ducklings by vent sexing them. The RIR X Light Sussex by colour (ginger Hen white Cock). The Japanese Quail by colour ( light colouring Hen dark colouring Cocks).
When the birds are sexed we match them to hour orders, you would be phoned on a Friday.
We hatch many birds; sexing them all and matching them to the orders is tricky, so if you can't continue with an order you have placed with us please let us know as soon as possible.
Orders can only be taken over the phone not by E-mail or Txt.
Ordering Eggs
Eggs can be collected in any numbers, by prior arrangment. Eggs can be sent by post on receipt of a cheque, in half dozens and dozens only.
For futher info or to place an order please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.
                                                                   Mobile     07882630377.