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Indian Runners


  The Indian Runner, like most breeds of domestic duck, is descended from the wild mallard. Its evolution was probably determined more by humans than any other breed during the 2000 years that they have been in the islands of Indonesia. They are set apart from other domestic ducks by their shape and bone structure.

 We have been breeding Indian Runners for about fifteen years. We have them in ten colours including White, Fawn/White, Black and Apricot.



Eggs: Up to 180 per year
Weight: Drake: 2 Kg, Duck:1.8 Kg
I am a member of "The Indian Runners Duck Association" and love breeding these ducks. We try to have Indian Runner ducklings for sale from March to August "if not longer" and Adult Indian runners ducks for sale from July to March. 

 For futher info or to purchase birds or eggs please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.

 Mobile     07882630377.