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Campbell Colours

  Campbell Ducks  were first bred by Mrs Adelle Campbell in 1901 of Uley  Gloucestershire , who wanted to breed a egg laying duck that was not going to go broody. From the first Campbells the Khaki Campbell was developed. From a white sport the White Campbell was standardized and a Dark Campbell was created by a Mr H R S Humphreys in Devon to enable "sex linkeage" matings.
 Six years ago I crossed a Dark Campbell drake with a Blue Runner duck, mated a blue female offspring back to a Dark Campbell drake and so on five times. This year's offspring 2012 are now 1/64 Runner and 63/64 Campbell. We now have self blues, like the Blue Swedish (without the bib), dusky blue, like blue dusky Calls, and self Black. By using a Khaki drake we have self Chocolate Campbells.
                     Black Campbell                                                                Chocolate Campbell


 Khaki Campbell duck carring one blue gene.                         Three new colours.
 Eggs: Up to and over 300 per year.
 Weight: Drake: 2.5 Kg, Duck: 2 Kg
 For futher info or to purchase birds or eggs please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.        Mobile     07882630377.
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