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 Campbell ducks were first bred by Mrs Adelle Campbell in 1901 in Gloucestershire , who wanted to breed a egg laying duck that was not going to go broody. From the first Campbells the Khaki Campbell was developed. From a white sport the White Campbell was standardized and a Dark Campbell was created by a Mr H R S Humphreys in Devon to enable "sex linkeage" matings.
We have all three standard colours and our own rare, non standard, colours too.( Campbell Colours)
Our first duck was a White Campbell, an excellent layer laying 363 eggs in 370 days.
 Eggs: Up to and over 300 per year.
 Weight: Drake: 2.5 Kg, Duck: 2 Kg
We try to have White Khaki and Dark Campbell ducklings for sale from March to August, if not longer, and adults Campbell ducks for sale from July to March.
 For futher info or to purchase birds or eggs please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.
 Mobile     07882630377.