About Us

  We are a small Poultry Breeder in Romford, Essex. Breeding birds has always interested me from a young age which about twenty years ago turned into breeding ducks, chickens and Quails as a hobby with my family.

  We only breed from top quality stock, acquired from the top breeders in the country, which we then cross with good unrelated stock. This makes our birds  purebreed, true to type and hardy, with all our stock being hatched and reared on the premises. We do not buy from dealers, bird markets or auctions to sell on because of the bio security risks and quality of the stock purchased in such manner.

  We hatch each Monday throughout the spring and early summer for the ducklings and all year for the quails. Most of the hatchlings are sexed by Tuesday and ready for collection from Tuesday to Sunday lunch time, leaving time for us to prepare for the following Mondays' hatch.
  We sex the duckling by vent sexing them, the RIR X Light Sussex and Japanese Quails by colour.
  At the beginning of the season, when the demand for duckings is high, most of the ducklings are sold by the end of the week but occasionally we may be able to rear a few for sale at an older age.  Later in the season we are able to keep more birds back  so that we have older birds available for sale, as adults, over the winter months and for our following years' breeding stock.
  For futher info please call  01708 348088 9am to 9pm any day.
Mobile     07882630377.