To get in touch please call Land Line 01708 348088. Mobile 07882630377. 9am to 9pm any day.                                                     
    We now have 2015 hatched RIR X Light Sussex day old sexed chick for sale at £5 each.
               Welcome to the online home of
                                                                   JPs Ducks
        We are a small Domestic Waterfowl and Poultry breeder based in Romford Essex.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   We have five breeds of domestic ducks in many colours, some colours we created here ie Black Campbells and Blue Abacot Rangers. We sell most of our ducks as day old sexed ducklings.                                                                                                                 
                                White Campbell Duck                                                     Black Campbell Duck 
  Khaki Campbell Duck carrying one blue gene.      Blue Abacot Ranger Drake.        
Call 01708348088, 07882630377 9am to 9pm
                                     Price Examples
 Day old sexed Campbell Duckling for £5 each.
 Day old RIR X Light Sussex hens for £5 each.
 Point of lay female Japanese Quails are £3 each.
                                                                 Full Price Lists
                             Normal Japanese Quail                                                                     Yellow Japanese Quail
                                                                We also have Fawn and White Japanese Quails
  we have young Japanese Quails available at all times both male and females. We can sale groups of just females at £3 each. 
                     In the interest of Bio Security 
All of our ducks, chickens and Quails are hatched and reared on the premises from our own breeding stock.
We have been keeping and breeding poultry for the last 23 years.
     We sell to the public, poultry dealers, farm parks and zoos.     
  To get in touch please call Land Line 01708 348088. Mobile 07882630377. 9am to 9pm any day.
JPsDucks is registered with Defra


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