Lacie Netspace & External harddisk Review -

price   :*
quality :*
value   :*

At our home network I have NetSpace 1T. After several software updates
 both our computers and Lacie NetSpace I got it work perfectly whit Windows
  and Linux machines. NetSpace has enough speed to serve one user at time.

1T gigabit  wired LAN needed for proper operation, less dose not rock.

For BackUp purposes I have 3pcs 1T Lacie Neil Pouton USB 2.0 har disks.
Have not had problems, but after 1 year #¤¤%&&//(.

After 2-3 years all backup disk's have had failure and NAT have been re-installed twice. Lacia has fancy box but bad quality, avoid if you can!

Actual problem is not at Hard Disk's, those was quite good and I removed those from Lacie boxes and returned all cables', power supplyes and BOX'es  to Lacie! have not heard them, no refund,.... no appolage,... allmost los all family pictures - fortunately understood that failure is by electronics - family photos was all right at Hard Disk.

Lacie has problem's at electronics, USB cable's.,,,, those won't work and their importer has bad attitude, they won't long at business whit selected policy.

Wanna hack Lacie ? It's linux, more software inside box.