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I am currently a graduate student at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT). I am a research assistant of Dr. Susan Bilek doing seismic analysis of the Socorro Magma Body. I am also associated with the IRIS’s Geophysical Earth Observatory for Ice-Covered Environments (GEOICE) program. The program is focused on creating a robust seismic array for seismic deployment projects located in dynamic locals. I started my MS in August 2015 and expect to be complete it in May 2017.

            Prior to NMT, I got my Bachelors of Science in Geology at Brigham Young University – Idaho (BYU-I). I worked with Dr. Robert Clayton on creating a 3D model of the Fall Creek area in Eastern Idaho. For the project, I utilized earthVision software to construct the model using a geologic map as my only constraint for subsurface geometries. The idea was to show the utility and robust nature of earthVision software in subsurface modeling.

            During my time at both NMT and BYUI, I have gained experience with many different software packages. Some of the packages I have utilized are Petromod, Kingdom Suite, MatLab, ModFlow, VBA, Excel, Mathematica, SolidWorks (certified), Esri ArcGIS and others. I am currently attempting to learn C++ and Python to further my understanding of computer programming. I feel that I have a large capacity for learning new software quickly to preform needed modeling and calculations for whatever geophysical/geologic project I may be associated with.

Image Taken at the Great Basin Caves, Nevada

            My current aspirations are to get involved with a Natural Resource/Energy company where I could be associated with an exploration team in trying and allocate resources. With my background in Geology and Geophysics, I know I could be an asset to your company.

            For further information on me and my specific skills, feel free to download my Resume/CV and check out my linked-in profile page.

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