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Antichrist will be a Jew (Dan. 11:36). He will be physically located in Jerusalem (2 Thess. 2:4). The Apostate Jews will receive him as king (John 5:43). He will introduce a new religion (Dan. 11:38). His rise is part of the governmental judgment of God on Israel; see notes on Matt. 12:43-45. In the sphere of Israel he claims to be god, and reigns supreme (II Thess. 2, Daniel 11:36).  To the rest of the empire, he is subordinate to the beast (Dan. 11:38, Rev. 13:12).

Twelve Names of Antichrist 

  1. The Second Beast, Rev. 13:11 
  2. The Antichrist, I John 2:18 
  3. The False Prophet, Rev.16:13 
  4. The King (of the Jews), Daniel 11:36 
  5. The Man of Sin, II Thess. 2:3 
  6. The Son of Perdition, II Thess. 2:3 
  7. The Wicked or Lawless One, II Thess. 2:8 
  8. The Fallen Star, Rev. 9:1 
  9. The Foolish & Idle Shepherd, Zech. 11:17 
  10. The Bloody & Deceitful Man, Psalm 5:6 
  11. The Profane & Wicked Prince of Israel, Ezek. 21:25 
  12. The Prince of Tyrus, Ezek. 28:2 
Most dispensational teachers today do not understand the difference between the head of the Revived Roman Empire (first beast) and the Antichrist (second beast). As a result, they take the first beast to be Antichrist, and relegate the False prophet to some unimportant role. In fact, John Nelson Darby, who those teachers got prophetic and dispensational truth from, himself saw it that way until around 1845. When he discovered the great difference he corrected his position, but it was too late to change the minds of those who had got the truth from him.