21 August 2010
The Redemption issue 2 review is online!

11 August 2010
Recent lack of updates due to some technical difficulties, sorry! BTW I will post a review for the Jurassic Park event of the year soon as I get my copy,


03 April 2010
I recently picked up a nice selection of figures of the wide world of web. Expect to see them star in NEW dioramas very shortly!
21 March 2010
OK, i've added a new sector, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis! Check it out if you love the JP sim as much as me!

14 March 2010
I've added some more dioramas, be sure to check them out!
06 March 2010
So it begins... here is my site showing all my Jurassic Park related projects and collections. Feel free to browse safe in the knowledge that there is a 100,000 volt electric fence between you and those prehistoric creatures...