Did you know that people are losing their freedom of speech?


When a simple cannabis arrest turns into government restrictions on protected First Amendment speech and right of assembly, cannabis consumers and concerned citizens need to re-double their efforts to end our country’s expensive and destructive cannabis prohibition laws.

Did you know that Hawaii’s Republican Governor Linda Lingle vetoedSenate Bill 1058, which called on the legislature to merely study “issues relating to medical cannabis patients and current medical cannabis laws.” Instead Governor Linda Lingle straight out denied the study of MMJ and its potential successes and obstacles. To put it more into focus for everyone not in Hawaii, there’s a family that lives in one of the parks. They have been there for generations, and Gov. Lingle has been trying to get them evicted. People came together for the family and sang songs and such but the fact still remains the goevnor is trying to kick people off land that they have been maintaining for generations. Now, instead of passing the bill and possibly finding a new source of income for the state, the govenor is taking about $160 million from the University of Hawaii school system. Not to mention the furloughs too. So now 3 days out of the week state employee’s wont be paid for working. Some people are even talking about closing the schools for 3 days out of the month.Governors,like senators and state representatives are just as easily bought with big pharmacy lobbies and cartel money. Millions are changing hands keeping marijuana illegal. And I wonder what the Attorney General is making not clarifying the 5 month old but nobody knows what it is medical marijuana policy?
If the feds would change the laws to accommodate medical marijuana,the gov wouldn’t have that rock to hide behind. The television ads may have been a purely economic decision,the possibility of losing those 4 or 5 pharmaceutical ads every night because they ran an ad for marijuana might have been strong armed by big pharmacy.

76 percent of Americans think the war on drugs (marijuana) launched in 1971 by President Richard Nixon has failed. 

"The issue is a political hot potato where politicians feel they have nothing to gain and everything to lose if drug laws are relaxed,"Said Dan Linn who is executive director of Illinois NORML - the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws who splits his time between a family home in Sycamore and an apartment in Chicago, as well as a fair amount of time in Springfield when lawmakers are in session. Voicing beliefs or concerns about laws is part of the civic process that all Americans are entitled too, he said. 
"Once you start living in this fear, you have really undermined some of the basic principles our country was founded on," he added.

But he does think marijuana should be legal in general, not just for medical purposes, and regulated similarly to the way cigarettes and alcohol are - by age and usage, for instance, similar to the way cigarettes cannot be smoked in public places or sold to those under 18.

When asked about studies that have found marijuana is a gateway drug to more serious narcotics, he said many of those studies have been disprove, and noted the first drugs many people try are alcohol and tobacco products.Farmers should be allowed to grow hemp, another plant in the cannabis family that is also illegal, because it is environmentally friendly.  It can be used in paper, biodiesel and cording.It could be taxable, providing money to its growers and the state.  Hemp takes heavy metals out of the soil helping to produce a more fertile growing environment. 

It’s time to focus on Barney Frank’s legislation . Officials are there to do the job but have bills of their own as Nixon did against marijuana back in 1971 to control minorities which was and still is a violation to our constitution, many of whom are not independently wealthy enough to finance themselves if no longer in political office–politicians and robotic functionaries such as drug czars or flak groups. Barney Frank is no Nixon and has presented HR 2943 which is titled Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2009 which he did for our great nation and fellow Americans to help the people protect their rights and freedom.


Prohibitionists lie and use our children and foster care to keep the American people in prohibition.Children who are in foster care are there for a hell of a lot of reasons such as abuse from alcohol  , sexual abuse as well numorous of  other reasons as well as because of prohibition.
Watch out for prohibitionists for one may be your next door neighbor.

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales “Intrigued” With Taxing and Regulating Marijuana


Rob Kampia from the MPP talked with Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in which Rob told Gonzales "Teenage tobacco use has been decreasing for years because of public education about tobacco’s harmful effects, as well as the “We Card” campaign that has gotten serious about carding people for age before they’re permitted to buy cigarettes. Teenage marijuana use actually increased over the same period of years, and tobacco usage rates have been falling, so that now an equal number of teenagers are using marijuana and tobacco.  Maybe we could do better with marijuana by taxing and regulating it." After which Gonzales told Rob "You can say on TV that I’m intrigued by your proposal.” prior to a debate with Calvina Fay on Fox Business News.

We need to get past the arm-twisting stage of now. The way we are going now will keep running the economy into the ground through marijuana prohibition and not taking advantage of legalizing and taxing marijuana. Maybe it will sink in to the rest of the American public to go for the savings and revenues from legalization in stead of wasting Billions of American taxpayers money which could be used more towards helping our country instead of suppling the cartel that make their 60-70% annual profit through illegalization of marijuana. We all to have all levels of revenue from regulation varying from age limit to excise and permit models.Must take action. People will want the guidelines to get things set up and going fast.


Mexico's drug cartels would continue to be, in the words of the Justice Department's National Drug Threat Assessment for 2009, "the greatest drug-trafficking threat to the United States." We can end this problem through legalization and taxation of marijuana.

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