Johnny Blingo
Copper health bracelet

Silver colored chained bracelet. Annealed .99 pure copper, for a good topical infusion. Primitive in style. Bracelet length is 10 1/2 inches unclasped.  $22.50
American Indian keychain
Short chained, with a large slip ring keychain. Made using a 2011 copper round. American Indian on one side. USA shield on the other side.  $10.00
Ear Blings by Johnny Blingo. No clasps or piercing. Just drape over the ears. Does not work too well with over-ear hearing aids, and may be problematic with eyeglasses. Does work for someone who wants an ear jewelry that is comfortable to wear. Made using two 1 cent Euros. Dated 1999, and 2009. Chain is three inches long.  $10.00
Mexican coin bracelet
Mexican coin and double chain-link necklace. Made using a 1993 $1 Mexican coin. Denomination side has a flaw. Drill bit broke whilst drilling the first hole. Left a little dent. Sold as is, with a craftsman's error.  $19.00
Short chained keytag
Short chained 1943 French Franc keytag. Chain is 3/4 of an inch long.  $17.50
American Eagle bling
American Eagle 2011 copper round used to make this bling. Other side shows the USA shield. 11 1/2 inch bronze colored chain.  $15.00
Quartz necklace
Quartz necklace using a fancy
13 inch chain.  Quartz came from
Johnny Blingo's back-yard.

Walking Liberty keychain

 Walking Liberty keychain. USA shield is on the other side Made using a 2011 one ounce copper round. A very short chain. $15.00
Prosper bling
16 inch aluminum chain holds a 2011 copper round with "Prosper" stamped into obverse.
3 Copper Rounds
Three copper rounds.  Each, once ounce .999 fine copper.  USA Liberty Head on obverse, USA Shield on reverse.  Minted in 2011.

3 coin necklace
Three coin, no clasp, necklace.  Coins are; two 1957 5 PTAS, and one 10 denomination 1996 New Zealand coin.  Beaded chain with 3 larger baubles on each side. 12 inches long.

No Quarrel sign


Bracelet made using vintage GM car keys. Two ignition and two trunk keys. Ignition keys have the numbers respectively; 8202 & B10. Barrel clasp on bracelet. $18.50
Five coin anklet, with a 10 1/2 inch chain unclasped. Uses a barrel clasp. Made using the following coins; 1955(my birth year) Italian 10 lire, 1972 Italian 10 lire, 1990 French 10 centimes, 1945 Spanish 10 cent coin, and a 2000 Jamaica 20 dollar coin. A reputable bank account on your ankle.  $18.50
Vintage carkeys
Key chain with vintage automobile keys. One ignition key from the following; American Motors, Pontiac, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Fob in key chain is a private mint $1.00 coin, with John Adams on the obverse, and the Statue of Liberty on the reverse. Intended for collectible purposes.  $25.00
3 coin bracelet

Diversify your jewelry portfolio with this three coin bracelet. Coins from, Ecuador, Romania, Sweden. Chain is 7 1/2 inches long unclasped.  $14.00
Johnny Blingo
Smiling Johnny Blingo

  After stumbling around the plains of fashion and crafts for many years, Johnny Blingo became tired and listless. He knew he was here to create beauty, but what kind of beauty? He tried his hand at making Bungaloids, Woodbugs, Rude Signs, and the like. But none of the creations gave Johnny the feeling of fulfillment. 
  Then one day, out of the bright blue sky, Johnny got hit in the head with a copper round. It dropped Johnny Blingo to his knees. It did not hurt much, as Johnny has a very thick skull, but it did get his attention. 
 Many years before Johnny Blingo tried his hand at investing in metals. He did very good with gold, and silver. So he decided to try his hand at investing in copper rounds. Big mistake on Johnny Blingo’s part. After buying a large amount at $3.00 per unit, the market crashed, and the value of the copper rounds dropped to $1.00 a unit. So Johnny Blingo’s floors were sagging with a bunch of pretty, but nearly valueless items. Maybe some poor soul had made the same mistake, and in frustration had tossed a copper round out of his window in disgust. 
  Not being one to ignore the obvious, Johnny Blingo decided this was an act of premonition. Could, this random act of frustration on someone else’s part, be an inspiration to do something great? Probably not, thought Johnny. But then, it could be an idea to recoup his investment losses, and do something artistic. 
  Johnny Blingo has a very fine shop. So the next day, he went to his shop and just sat down, with a copper round in hand, to look around and think. Twirling the copper round in his hand, under a bright shop light, Johnny became aware that it reminded him of jewelry. Then the proverbial light bulb went off above Johnny’s head. All 100 watts of it! 
Johnny Blingo had a lot a material in his shop which he thought could be made into jewelry of distinction. What he did not have, he easily procured. 
  And now, the possibility of copper rounds flying around from Johnny throwing them in disgust, which he actually had done a few times, was eliminated. Johnny Blingo decided the copper rounds he obtained, and the unusual coins he found, should be bound together with other attractive materials to create jewelry of distinction. Thus was born; Johnny Blingo's Blings & Things.

Johnny Blingo.com

Express your level of intellect with these 
pin-back buttons, pin buttons, button badges, pin badges, or whatever you want to call them.
Mainly purple heavy glass necklace.  Interlaced with artificial pearls.  181/2 inches long unclasped.

Little Green Apple Necklace

Little green apple necklace. Apples are made of wood. Long, heavy chain.  $20.00

Light bling
If you need a light weight bling on a chain, this item is for you. Dark colored iron weave chain, with some rust. A 1948 5 Franc coin, made from aluminum, is used for this bling. 11 1/2 inch chain.  $10.00
QE bracelet
Queen Elizabeth New Penny bracelet. Featuring Queen Elizabeth I, on a 1 penny coin. Very lightweight chain, 7 1/2 inches long unclasped. $11.00 
French franc bracelet

Bracelet made using post WWII French Francs. Brought to the USA by my Mother in 1952. All 1 Franc coins. Chain is 9 1/2 inches long unclasped.  $14.00
Adjustible bling

Adjustable chain necklace bling. Chain made using lamp string. Using a 2011 one ounce copper round. One side shows the Walking Liberty. The other side shows the USA shield.
Dog tag anklet
 Dog tag anklet.  May be used as a bracelet as well. On a bronze colored chain, that is 10 1/2 inches long unclasped.  Tags are from Cerro Gordo Illinois, from the years of 2016/2017.  They are sequentially numbered from 110 to 115.


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If you like movies, and the Movie Channel, express yourself with these pin-back buttons, pin buttons, button badges, pin badges, or whatever you want to call them.


Bracelet with wooden baubles. Small link chain is
9 inches long unclasped.

Music badges
Music themed pin-back buttons, pin buttons, button badges, pin badges, or whatever you want to call them.
The Rolling Stones tongue, the Hard Rock Cafe, and two MTV badges from when they actually played music.


Tie/lapel pins from TY.  Five pins include; TY, Ty Beanie Babies Official Club, Chubby, Patriot, and Bear.  Never used, in original factory, foam-backed plastic case with cardboard sleeve.