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Copper health bracelet

Silver colored chained bracelet. Annealed .99 pure copper, for a good topical infusion. Primitive in style. Bracelet length is 10 1/2 inches unclasped.  $12.50
American Indian keychain
Short chained, with a large slip ring keychain. Made using a 2011 copper round. American Indian on one side. USA shield on the other side.  $10.00
Ear Blings by Johnny Blingo. No clasps or piercing. Just drape over the ears. Does not work too well with over-ear hearing aids, and may be problematic with eyeglasses. Does work for someone who wants an ear jewelry that is comfortable to wear. Made using two 1 cent Euros. Dated 1999, and 2009. Chain is three inches long.  $10.00
Mexican coin bracelet
Mexican coin and double chain-link necklace. Made using a 1993 $1 Mexican coin. Denomination side has a flaw. Drill bit broke whilst drilling the first hole. Left a little dent. Sold as is, with a craftsman's error.  $9.00
Short chained keytag
Short chained 1943 French Franc keytag. Chain is 3/4 of an inch long.  $7.50
American Eagle bling
American Eagle 2011 copper round used to make this bling. Other side shows the USA shield. 11 1/2 inch bronze colored chain.  $15.00


Bracelet made using vintage GM car keys. Two ignition and two trunk keys. Ignition keys have the numbers respectively; 8202 & B10. Barrel clasp on bracelet. $8.50
Five coin anklet, with a 10 1/2 inch chain unclasped. Uses a barrel clasp. Made using the following coins; 1955(my birth year) Italian 10 lire, 1972 Italian 10 lire, 1990 French 10 centimes, 1945 Spanish 10 cent coin, and a 2000 Jamaica 20 dollar coin. A reputable bank account on your ankle.  $8.50
Vintage carkeys
Key chain with vintage automobile keys. One ignition key from the following; American Motors, Pontiac, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Fob in key chain is a private mint $1.00 coin, with John Adams on the obverse, and the Statue of Liberty on the reverse. Intended for collectible purposes.  $25.00
3 coin bracelet

Diversify your jewelry portfolio with this three coin bracelet. Coins from, Ecuador, Romania, Sweden. Chain is 7 1/2 inches long unclasped.  $14.00
Johnny Blingo
Johnny Blingo

Little Green Apple Necklace

Little green apple necklace. Apples are made of wood. Long, heavy chain.  $10.00

Light bling
If you need a light weight bling on a chain, this item is for you. Dark colored iron weave chain, with some rust. A 1948 5 Franc coin, made from aluminum, is used for this bling. 11 1/2 inch chain.  $10.00
QE bracelet
Queen Elizabeth New Penny bracelet. Featuring Queen Elizabeth I, on a 1 penny coin. Very lightweight chain, 7 1/2 inches long unclasped. $11.00 
French franc bracelet

Bracelet made using post WWII French Francs. Brought to the USA by my Mother in 1952. All 1 Franc coins. Chain is 9 1/2 inches long unclasped.  $14.00
Adjustible bling

Adjustable chain necklace bling. Chain made using lamp string. Using a 2011 one ounce copper round. One side shows the Walking Liberty. The other side shows the USA shield.