Amazing opening specials!

Book covers

Recently launched in May 2015, JP Publishing Australia is an entirely new venture. To celebrate our opening, and to help bring our titles to readers all over the world as quickly as possible, we’re offering some incredible opening bargains on our whole range of E-books and paperbacks. 

Why? The on-line marketplace for books has been growing at an astounding pace, and is now bulging at the seams. Amazon currently has over 33 million titles for sale – yes, 33 million - with new additions coming at the rate of 100,000 per month! 

To get noticed in such a crowded market place, even with wonderful new titles, you have to have a strong track record of sales. But how can you get high sales if no-one will buy your books because you haven’t already sold lots of them? 

Our solution is to give our early customers – you - reading experiences that you won’t forget, and to do it at incredible bargain prices. At and iBooks we've discounted every title by 53% to 83% off

So to purchase some wonderful books for just a tiny fraction of their normal price - many as low as US $0.99 - please read more.