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Campervan Kama Sutra

Campervan Kama Sutra cover

Campervan Kama Sutra: Outback Australia, with a camper trailer, three kids and a dog.*

This true story tells of one family’s hilarious journey through Australia’s rugged outback countryside.

Our intrepid adventurers work their way through numerous mishaps, including, but not limited to, an ill-advised river crossing, an inappropriately packed roof rack and some truly horrible singing.

During their journey they stumble across a motley assortment of characters such as a confused check-in clerk, a grey nomad with an eye for detail regarding torches, and several Crazy Germans.

While reading Campervan Kama Sutra, you’ll not only fall in love with Australia’s vast, ever-changing countryside, but you’ll also delight in the tragicomedy that arrives with unerring regularity. You’ll laugh until something hurts.

 *P.S. There was no dog.

Did you ever laugh out loud at one of Bill Bryson's moments in "Notes from a Small Island", "A Walk in the Woods" or "The Lost Continent"? Perhaps you enjoyed his travels around Australia even more, as detailed in the hilarious "Down Under". 

Maybe you have laughed through other irreverent travel tomes such as "Around Ireland with a Fridge" by Tony Hawks, or even "The Great Railway Bazaar" by Paul Theroux. 

If so, you will love "Campervan Kama Sutra".