John Power and Mary Holloway 


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I, Garda M. Hodgson, have been working on the descendants of John Poor/ Power and Mary Holloway for over 30 years. 

I have found many connections to the children and grandchildren of John Power and Mary Holloway Power that others have not been able to prove.  For example, Holloway Power, oldest son of John and Mary, was married at least three times and had children by each wife.  There were at least eight children by Holloway Power's wife, Margaret Curry, one child by his wife, Elizabeth Allison, and six by his wife, Tibatha Fowler. The children by his wives Margaret Curry and Elizabeth Allison have been identified and two of the six children by his wife Tibatha Fowler have been identified.

There were two grandchildren of John and Mary [Holloway] Power whose parents have not been identified, but important clues are included in the book, that should help identify them in the future.   

I have also found the name of a previously unidentified son of Edward and Catherine Power who died before 1820 and who is the father of Eunice Power, and James C. Power. Eunice was the wife of Joseph R. Milam.

 This  is a picture of my great-grandfather, Louis Morgan Bryant Smith and his wife, Eliza Jane Haines and their children.  He was the son of Rebecca [Sinclair] Smith, who was the great-granddaughter of John Power, Sr. and Mary Holloway.