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[My last name is pronounced: loo - lee - err]

Main Publications

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming [slidessup. material]

with Donghoon Yoo [replication kit]
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, forthcoming

with Dan Cao [slides, online appendix]
Journal of Monetary Economics (2018), 96: 93-108

Journal of Policy Modeling (2017), 39-4: 639-649

with Donghoon Yoo [replication kit]
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2017), 81: 79-98

with Dan Ariely and Anat Bracha [experimental material]
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (2016), 29-5: 550-555

American Economic Review (2013), 103-7: 3045-70

Economics Letters (2012), 116-2: 207–209

Economic Policy (2011), 26-66: 237–87

Herding by Attribution of Privileged Information
with Alain Quiamzade
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (2009), 22-1: 1-19

Other Publications

with Alain Quiamzade, Nicolas Sommet, Javiera Burgos Laborde and Luigi Guiso  [experimental material (in French)]
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (2017), 56-2: 365-382

Differences in Measures of the Fiscal Multiplier and the Reduced-Form Vector Autoregression
with Michael Donadelli, Adriana Grasso and Valentina Milano
Applied Economics Letters (2016), 23-17: 1215-1218

Working Papers

with Kirill Shakhnov and Laure Simon
August 2018, Working Paper

with William R. Zame [slides]
December 2017, Working Paper

The Flattening of the Phillips Curve and the Learning Problem of the Central Bank
with William R. Zame
October 2014, Working Paper

with Dan Cao and Donghoon Yoo
October 2016, Working Paper

with Jean Flemming and Facundo Piguillem
February 2018, Working Paper
Revise and ResubmitJournal of International Economics

Selected Discussions

by Klaus Adam and Sebastian Merkel
CSEF Conference, Ischia (2018)

by Gauti Eggertsson, Neil R. Mehrotra, Sanjay R. Singh, and Lawrence H. Summers
Oxford - Federal Reserve Bank of New York Monetary Economics Conference, Oxford (2015)

Rationally Heterogeneous Forecasters
by Raffaela Giacomini, Vasiliki Skreta, and Javier Turen
CSEF - CIM - UCL Conference, Ischia (2015)