JPL Cycling Club Kit

posted May 10, 2017, 7:32 PM by JPL Bikes   [ updated May 10, 2017, 7:50 PM ]
The JPL Cycling Club kit was designed by local cycling apparel brand, súpə We asked súperdomestik to volunteer their time and talent to design a kit and they produced two beautiful options for our club (black and white) that surpassed all expectations for a kit we're proud to wear. We know the kits are cool, but here's some background on the design from Nic Griffiths of súperdomestik:

With this kit, there wasn’t really a design brief other than just make it look good! Fortunately it's JPL, which has a lot of inspiring source material. My instant thought was space and spacecraft. The simple black and white markings seen on rockets and shuttles make for a good canvas. Hence the black front, white arm and back with a checked arm band and the USA flag echoing the arm of a space suit, or the side of a rocket.

I tried experimenting with simple white vector illustrations of satellites approaching a large moon on a black background but this made it seem too literal and too NASA. It still had to be a cycling kit and not just a nice diagram of a spaceship. I wanted to show something that gave more of nod to travel and distance, something that instantly suggests space but also relevant for the people who will be wearing it. This is where the blue lines on the front and rear come from. While they make for a lovely abstract visual they are in actual fact loosely based on the spiraling transitions and different orbits of Cassini. It was impossible to depict this literally, as it would have been too dense with lines and not as clean, so I had to take a few liberties. It suggests rather than depicts.

By combining the simple markings of a space craft with relevant logos and flags along with using the front and back of the jersey to depict a flight path (or orbit), you quickly get to something that looks fit for purpose as a kit for JPL.

We sincerely appreciate súperdomestik's generous contribution to the JPL Cycling Club. We're looking forward to another round of kit orders in the next month and proudly representing JPL thanks to súperdomestik. Watch the Club email list and this site for details on the 2017 kit order.