Call for Nominations

posted Oct 28, 2014, 3:34 PM by JPL Bikes
It’s time for elections again! 

Below are the people nominated for each position during today’s club meeting.  Please REPLY (not reply all) with any additional nominations you have.  Please get approval from your nominee then REPLY (not reply all) to this email with nominations.  All are welcome to nominate themselves or others.  We'll have an online ballot once we're sure we can't talk anyone else into joining...

All who are nominated will provide a brief description of their plans and goals for the club and why they feel they are appropriate for the position.

For details position descriptions, please see the ByLaws:

Election Nominations (so far)

  • Ron
  • Charles – would be last year
  • Tushar
  • Gene
  • Marc
Social Chair
  • Ron
  • Carlo
Tech Chair
  • Jonathan
  • Carlo
Tech Learner / Assistants
  • Neil
  • Duane