JPL Cycling Club Overview

Formed in 1974, the JPL Cycling Club promotes bicycling for recreation and commuting, bicycle safety, and improved riding conditions and facilities at JPL. The Club is defined as an Interest Club under the Lab’s Employee Involvement Program. The Club receives no financial support from the Lab.

The 2017 Club Bylaws include these highlights:

  • The Club is established for the benefit of current and retired JPL employees, contractors and their families. There is only one class of membership: Active. 
  • There are no dues. Membership is priceless.
Electronic Resources/Email etiquette 

All club correspondence will be conducted via the e-mail list and general interest articles will be posted on the Club site's blog

Email list guidelines/etiquette:
  • Do not Reply All if your message is to an individual i.e., doesn’t need to be seen by several hundred Club members.
  • Be respectful. If you have an issue with a particular message, please contact that person directly. 
  • Messages should be related to the JPL Cycling Club activities, its members, and cycling-related topics. 
  • Club members post rides in the email list or on the Club Ride Calendar
  • Email the club or use the Slack channel #jplbikes for short-notice rides
  • The Club occasionally conducts technical clinics, slide shows, training courses, etc. 

General Meetings are held on the THIRD Thursday of each month. The date and time/place of each meeting is announced on the Club email list.

JPL Commuting Issues

As the focal point for the Lab's cyclists, the Club is always looking out for the road warrior. However, Rideshare/Commuting concerns (showers, lockers, subsidies, parking, etc.) should be addressed to the JPL Commute Options Office. Although the Bike Club is always willing to help, the Commute Options Office is the place to start.