Contact: jan​.plate&gmail​.c​om (replace the ampersand with ‘@’)

Since June 2017 I've been scientific collaborator at Università della Svizzera italiana, working with Kevin Mulligan on an SNF-funded project entitled 'Connectives, Predicates, and Priority'. Before that (until the end of 2016), I've been postdoc at the Institut de philosophieof the University of Neuchâtel, and before that I was postdoc at the Philosophische Seminar of the University of Tübingen. My main research interest is the metaphysics of properties and relations. In a recent paper ('Logically Simple Properties and Relations'), I show how the distinction between logically simple and logically complex attributes can be drawn on the background of a (moderately) coarse-grained conception of attributes and states of affairs. More recently I've been trying to extend this approach to other distinctions, such as that between intrinsic and extrinsic attributes. 

I've obtained my PhD at the end of 2012 from Washington University in St. Louis with a thesis on Essence and Ontology, supervised by Thomas Sattig.


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  1. Intrinsic Properties and Relations, forthcoming in Inquiry.