Known History

Did you really think we could make something like this up?

There is a strong indication that the ancestors of this family are not really Poles or Czechs but of a different group referred to as Carpatho-Rusyns. The leading theory suggests they originated from Scandinavia and worked their way down to Kiev by the ninth century. Then with a bit of intermixing with Asiatic, perhaps Mongol, people they wandered into the Carpathian Mountain region more commonly referred to as the Tatry near the tenth century. Personally I feel this has some merit due to the facial features that my grandfather Andrew and many of my cousins share. Interestingly there is a project now going on to confirm the heritage in this group through DNA testing that I just might try in the near future to see for certain, like what do we have to lose?


Another line of thought (there someone goes thinking again) is that the people were living happily in the mountains as early as the fifth century until the Slavs and Magyars happened into the area about 1000 A.D. There are others but I’m buying into these two as the best choices until convinced otherwise.


I found the given name of that first PISZCZOR who wandered into Nowy Targ for a marriage licience in 1613, it was Marcin, but am still working on getting the connecting information from him to us and hope to have it on here within my lifetime!