Andrews' farm - 40yrs later

Maybe you can't go back, but you can still visit

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  • This page will not mean that much to most people but to a small group of us this is where our fathers called home, the old family farm in McClellandtown, PA.

    Quite a bit has changed in the 40 years since Andrew passed away; the old chicken coop is gone, the drive is paved, the white rental house fell in on itself and the old Wolmak property burned down and over grew. But the barn is still there, just added on to some. Believe it or not the house is still there...more or less. The original foundation and frame still stand though the current owners, who bought the place from the estate 40 years ago, replaced the outside and inside walls twice! Oh, and that front porch finally colapsed last year I was told.

    But it still brought back some long forgotten feelings and memories.


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