Juan Pinillos

Performing artists

Juan Pinillos, Abel Martí

Assistant director

Toni Aparisi

Sound Design

Josue Coloma (Alozeau)

Lightining design

Ximo Rojo

Set and graphic design

Óscar Martín


Nacho Carrascosa


Mou Dansa




Many couples are victims of relationships that take place between the game of seduction and that of the destruction. This kind of couples seems to be naturally sadomasochistic and find beauty in the domination and submissiveness’ role plays. The SM has its own rules, and when these are broken, an uncontrollable whole emerges.

Missing pain as a way of life can leads us to a self-destruction loop that seems to be endless. This is the case of both protagonists, a couple of young boys who revolve around the sweetest, most delicate, as well as the most biting and sinister side of love.

This work states an alternative view, an open space to think about the possibilities to approach this kind of situations positively, an insight where absurdity and irony let us have a different view of these relationships.