Monica Cervantes


Dolma Jover, Paula Romero, Miguel Tornero, Xandy Liberato y Juan Pinillos.

Video / musicall arregments.

Nacho Carrascosa.

Lightin design

Luis Crespo


Mou dansa


    Fate, course, transition, future, change of direction, endpoint of a journey, new stage...we always travel in search of a feeling of plenitude, motivation and welfare. 

 ¿Who and what offer us the pleasure of just being?

Dance and its process always offer you this small piece...the search and pleasure of simply dancing.

Winner in the Choreographic Contest in Seville and awarded for best dancer: Miguel Tornero. Interpretation Award in the International Contest in Burgos- New York. And awarded for the best dancer: Mónica Cervantes in the International Contest Masdansa in Canary Islands.