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Sample Editing Contract

J.P. Hansen
33 6th Avenue North #209
Hopkins, MN 55343-1656 

(612) 819-7253


This is a legally binding contract between Jefferson Hansen, editor, and __________________, client. According to our email or phone conversation, we have agreed that I will provide for you and your manuscript (select one or more):

_________Basic Proofreading—$1.50 per page. Correcting spelling, capitalization, and grammar errors in addition to typos.

________Copyediting—$2.00 per page. Basic proofreading plus editing for general structure, clarity, sense, word choice, redundancies, and inconsistencies in narrative voice.

 ________Manuscript Evaluation—$5 per page. Copyediting plus everything from extended comments on the structural components of the entire work (such as characterization and plotting in a novel) to deep overhauling of all aspects of writing.

________Sampling—$25-50 per 10 pages (negotiable). Providing a sample of my skills by editing 10 pages of the manuscript in any way you prefer. You can then commit to my editing the full manuscript if you so desire.

________Conferencing—$50 per hour. Discussing the manuscript in depth over the phone, through email, or in person. You may choose to add this service to your package after we have begun working together.

________Rush jobs—Additional $10 per page

Minimum fee: $50

Charge for cancellation of contract: entire charge for contract.

The manuscript can be sent to me either electronically or through the mail, whichever is most convenient for you. 

I will edit the manuscript using the track changes feature of the Word program. I will provide you with literature and links explaining how to use the feature.

I commit to returning the manuscript to you by _______________. I also commit to being in touch on a weekly basis until the end of the project.

Please print three copies of this contract, keep one for your records, sign and date two, and send both to me at precisely the address listed at the top of this contract.  I will then sign and date them, and immediately send you a copy with a PAID stamp on it when I receive your check. This will serve as a receipt, perhaps useful for tax-deductible business expenses. I will not return your edited manuscript until I receive payment.

I agree to spend one hour in email or phone consultation with you after I complete the work. I will be happy to answer questions and offer assistance. If such dialogue goes over one hour, my standard fee of $50 per hour applies.

After the completion of this project, if you choose to request further editing of this work, it will be done under another contract.

Send payment to Jefferson Hansen, 33 6th Avenue North #209
Hopkins, MN 55343-1656 in the form of check or money order. I will mail back to you a scanned copy of this contract with a PAID stamp on it.


________________________     __________________

Jefferson Hansen, editor                  Date


_______________________    ___________________

Client                                                   Date