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My name is JP Glutting.

I came to the field of Geographical Information Science (GIS) by a roundabout route. I initially studied Physical Anthropology, and then earned a Masters degree in Public Health. More recently I have worked in the IT field as a bioinformatics programmer. My current interest in  GIS is as the link that ties the different aspects of my background into a solid professional toolset. 

A few years ago I released my first GIS tool, MCElite (only the Quantum GIS plugin and library are available on github). My thesis project was a method for exploring the effect of micro-urban heat islands (MUHI) on mortality, using satellite remote thermal infrared imaging, weather station readings and a mortality registry for the city of Barcelona. The data processing analysis was done in a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS 2.0, R and a few other Open Source tools. The study used a case-only design and the statistical analysis included distributed lag non-linear models to explore lags in heat-related mortality, and Moran's eigenvector filtering for general linear models, to compensate for spatial autocorrelation in the data. The thesis was awarded second place in the 2012 UNIGIS International Academic Excellence Prize.

In the past, I have worked as a bioinfomatics programmer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and did most of the programming for the RANKPEP peptide analysis program, as well as the PEPVAC and EPIPOX tools, which use some of the RANKPEP functionality, all as part of Pedro Reche's research team in the Reinherz Laboratory.

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I am interested in GIS applications related to Public Health, and am looking for new opportunities to work in this area. You can contact me at my GMail address (the URL of this site, without prefix or suffix). Thanks!