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Curriculum Vitae


For a brief overview, I was born in Redmond, WA, lived there for a grand total of 6 weeks, before moving to Las Cruces, NM.  Clearly I was not polled on this relocation.  I lived in NM for 22 years, before moving to Boulder, CO for graduate school.  Next fall, I'll be moving to Indiana to attend Purdue.  During the summers I am unfortunate enough to live in Houston, TX, and work at Johnson Space Center.

I usually play intramurals when school will allow me, and I currently spend more time on a snowboard than falling, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me.  Usually I judge FIRST Lego League, which encourages math/science for middle/high school kids, and help out with Habitat for Humanity on occasion.  I used to participate in programming competitions through ACM at NMSU, but used up all of my eligibility.  Also, I played Clarinet through college, both in the top wind ensemble and in marching band.  Also, I've been playing a lot more board games lately, and have given up the XBox for the most part.