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Relevant Courses

Spring, 2009 (University of Colorado)

CSCI 5828 - Foundations of Software Engineering (course page): An introduction to the topic of software engineering.

CSCI 5817 - Database Systems (moodle): Learn about relational database techniques

CSCI 7000 - Advanced Computer Graphics (moodle): Learn about advanced graphics techniques such as ray tracing.

Fall, 2008

ECEN 5012 - Search Engines and High Dimensional Data (course page): Learned about pagerank algorithm, as well as geometric structures of data in high dimensions.  Created  Music Genre classifier.

CSCI 5646 - Numerical Linear Algebra (course page): Analysis and implementation of algorithms to solve linear algebra problems in practice.

CSCI 5229 - Computer Graphics: Studied design and implementation of computer graphics techniques.  Made aquarium.

Spring, 2008

CSCI 5622 - Machine Learning (course page): Studied supervised learning and reinforcement learning, touching on common algorithms, such as kNN, neural nets, SVM, and Q-learning.  Project was studying machine learning applied to robotics.

CSCI 5722 - Computer Vision (course page): Studied ways of extracting visual information from cameras, including feature extraction, structure and motion, and background subtraction.

Fall, 2007

CSCI 5593 - Advanced Computer Architecture (course page): Provides a broad-scope treatment of important concepts in the design and implementation of high-performance computer systems.

CSCI 5582 - Artificial Intelligence: Surveys artificial intelligence methods, theories, and applications.  Introduces artificial intelligence programming.

Spring, 2007

On Co-op at the Johnson Space Center.

Fall, 2006 (New Mexico State University)

MATH 331 - Introduction to Modern Algebra: Elements of abstract algebra, including groups, rings and fields.

MATH 332 - Introduction to Analysis

Spring, 2006

CS 491 - Parallel Programming: Covered topics relevant to parallel computing, including learning MPI and algorithms such as White/Black termination.

On Co-op at the White Sands Test Facility

Fall, 2005

CS 474 - Operating Systems: Introduction to basic operating systems, such as file systems.

CS 510 - Introduction to the Theory of Computation: Covered topics such as languages, types of computers, computers as mathematical objects, etc.

Spring, 2005

CS 476 - Computer Graphics: Covered basic graphics, such as line drawing, object drawing, line clipping, etc.

On Co-op at the White Sands Test Facility

Fall, 2004

CS 448 - Senior Project: Worked on a light/sound system for a local theatre.

CS 471 -  Programming Languages: Learned about various programming languages, such as C/C++/Java/Scheme etc...

MATH 430 - Combinatorics

PHYS 215 - Physics for engineers

Spring, 2004

CS 371 - Software Engineering

CS 473 - Computer Architecture

MATH 480 - Linear Algebra

Fall, 2003

CS 370 - Compilers

CS 372 - Theory (Algorithms)

Spring, 2003

CS 272 - Data Structures

CS 273 - Machine Programming and Organization

MATH 301 - Discrete Math

Fall, 2002

CS 171 - Introduction to Programming

STAT 371 - Statistics for Engineers

Others (AP):

Calculus 1 and 2