Jill P Dixon Fine Art & Photography

A longstanding passion for photography and a desire to unleash the creative person within has led me to embark on a visual exploration of discovery. By experimenting with a variety of processes and techniques and incorporating drawing and painting I make collages and photomontages using my own photographs as a source of inspiration. Collage allows me to build my own organic shapes unrestricted by a single subject and unconstrained by a frame.

I create altered and complex pictures, taking my ideas from the vast array of images that arise from combining and layering and recreate them using a mix of materials including hand-made papers, fabrics and glass. Making art in this way allows me to take two- and three-dimensional images and objects and manipulate them in unconventional ways thus enabling me to change and challenge the perceptions of the viewer.


 May 2014

 Here you can find out more about my work.