JPA Content Lab:

Welcome to JPA’s Content Lab – where new educational offerings are developed in collaboration with our Advisory Council, members of the law enforcement community and feedback from the cadets themselves. (New lessons are currently being field tested in the Austin schools.)

Everything here is a work in progress, not only in terms of content, but digital technology as well. We want to know what works with kids and web browsers!

While the web offers incredible opportunities for delivering dynamic content instantaneously to a worldwide audience – the phrase “I couldn’t get that to open” is not unknown to us. Hence your feedback is an essential part of the development process.

There is a place to leave comments at the base of each page. So take a look around. We are eager to hear your thoughts.

The Digital Advantage:
JPA’s new educational content is digital. This has many advantages:

More content
We have taken full advantage of the transition from the printed page to digital by vastly expanding the amount of content.

Up to Date
The information is current and will be updated on a regular basis. We encourage instructors to take full advantage of the program's new digital distribution by checking back from time to time for updates and new multimedia content. New units will be created based on events in the news, so instructor's can provide a timely discussion of the issues that impact youth and our communities.


Some of our digital content can be customized (Powerpoints for example), allowing you to include information about your local department.

A Click Away
Digital files are published to the Internet, making content a click away. Depending on the content, you will have the option of downloading files or interacting with live-content online.

Ideas and Words
The ideas that invigorate JPA are not subject to digitization. As much as possible, the new content permits your knowledge to take center stage. We have spent as much time on the words that amplify JPA’s core ideas as we have on the flashy stuff.

This is still very much a program that demands heart and soul.

Kelly LeConte
JPA Program Director

How to Navigate New Course Lessons Online:
    1. New Lessons are listed on the Left in the Navigation sidebar.
    2. Select a lesson and the content appears to right in the center of the screen.
    3. Scroll up and down the lesson using scroll bar to the right of lesson.

    1. Some lessons include slideshows at the top of the page. 
    2. Toggle through the images to become better acquainted to topic.

    1. To download Lesson, click on link at base of lesson frame.
    2. Below lesson frame you will find Attachments related to lesson.