Ing. Jozef BABJAK

Personal Information:

  • Name: Jozef Babjak
  • Date of birth: February 7, 1980
  • Nationality: Slovak
  • Contact:
I have a great over all experience in ICT with 13 years experience in working in customer projects, mainly in area of software development for ICT, financial companies, mobile devices and big data processing and healthcare. I have more than 15 years experience in Java programming, with a strong emphasis on best practices, infrastructure, robust design, testing, security and quality assurance. I'm also familiar with ITIL, CMMI and agile development; anyway, I still remember projects executed flawlessly by the waterfall methodology.

I worked as external consultant auditing infrastructure and services for a Slovak telecommunication company and as a security consultant for a telecommunication company in Finland. As a Java developer I worked on several projects for various cell phone manufacturers across APAC region, including "the luxury one". I also worked abroad, in Finland, United Kingdom, South Korea and USA. I worked on project ranging from embedded (J2ME applications and Android Framework internals) through standalone (including parallel & distributed computing and scientific research) to enterprise (including big data technologies).  I also did code reviews and other quality assurance tasks, including security penetration testing. I developed own code reviews and quality assurance techniques and tools.

Additionally I worked in scientific projects using artificial intelligence approaches to problem solving with applications in machinery and industrial structures safety. As a side effect of this work, I also became an open source contributor to a few projects.

Even if still keeping my hands dirty by programming and doing DevOps work, several last years I am the person doing technical pre-sales support to salesmen, grasping the domain knowledge on the various projects, communicating with product owners and customer marketing and then supporting development teams to do their job. And I like it.


  • 1998 - 2003: Technical university of Košice, Faculty of Cybernetic and Artificial Intelligence
  • 1994 - Grammar school in Banská Štiavnica

Professional Knowledge:

  • approaches and algorithms from artificial intelligence domain 
  • methodologies of software specifications reviews and software testing
  • software development and acquisition, requirements analysis, SWOT analysis
  • use cases and test cases design
  • IT Service Management according to ITIL best practices
  • software development according to CMMI best practices
  • agile software methods according to Unified Process and SCRUM
  • software architecture, often focused to cloud deployment

Professional Trainings:

Professional Skills:

  • UNIX and UNIX-like operation systems, mostly FreeBSD, Solaris and Linux
  • Java Platform in general, Object-oriented design, design patterns
  • strong skils in J2SE and J2ME, basic skils in J2EE and Android
  • relational databases, mostly EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle & Actian Vector
  • non-relational databases, mostly MongoDB and a few graph databases
  • big data technologies, mostly Pervasive DataRush
  • cloud technologies, focused on AWS
  • network technologies
  • shell scripting
  • LaTeX
  • basics of  C, C++, Prolog a Lisp

Working experiences:

    2017 - ...: Ness KDC
  • Solution architect.
    2015 - 2017: Global Logic
  • Solution architect on various healthcare projects.
  • Consultant for relation database optimization.
  • AWS services DevOps engineer: CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, self-healing, auto-scaling.
  • Cloud services cost optimization.
  • OpenLDAP administrator; including master-to-master replication.

    2012 - 2015: Ness KDC

  • Master-to-master GIT repositories replication (invention, design, implementation & deployment)
  • Advanced data access services for NoSQL database (design & implementation)
  • Liferay Portal integration (design & implementation)
  • Data processing knowledge management (architecture, design & implementation)
  • Big data processing platform (architecture, design & implementation)
  • Advanced content caching solutions (architecture, design & implementation)

    2007 - 2012: IXONOS Slovakia

  • SW designer, Java developer, QA specialist
  • Sales support, SW analyst
  • Security analyst

    2005 - 2008: IBOK, a.s.

  • Within a R&D project propose and execute analysis of the potential relation between the fracture toughness and tensile properties of selected steels by means of artificial neural network; see my publications below for more information.

    2004 - 2007: Siemens Enterprise Communications, a.s. (formerly Business Global Systems, a.s.):

  • customer consultations, sw requirements analysis, test cases design 
  • testing of Java applications 
  • implementing development best practices
  • application deployment
  • project evaluation from Capability Maturity Model point of view
  • infrastructural services providing: intranet, bug-tracking, VCS, development environment


  • English - upper intermediate
  • Slovak - native speaker


  • driver license (A, B, C and T categories in Slovakia)

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