Home of the Tarry Home Shih Tzus:

Welcome to our Shih Tzu Family …
the home of 2 beautiful Shih Tzu girls and 1 handsome Shih Tzu boy. I have bred Bichons in New Zealand and after a break to settle in here in Australia, we are now breeding the most gorgeous family dogs ever....the gentle sweet Shih Tzus. We aim for top quality; although we do not have time to show our darling dogs. So we keep them clipped neat and tidy, real cute! Besides our dogs run about free and play outside with us and have a gloriously happy dog's life! How we love our Shih Tzus! (If you want further information, look at my member profile here:


Below is Kurumidza ( Daddy) when he was a puppy and below that as he is now, don't you love his doggie smile?

Here is Skajie as a puppy:

 "Skatjie, above and below is our ebony and ivory darling! : "What is taking so long?' She asks below; "I want to come in.....is there a treat for me?". Don't you love her expectant expression- she loves being around people, like all shih Tzus! (The big German Shepherd who lived in our house before us, left all those scratch marks on the door!')

And last but not least, Bokkie, our little 'silver bliss bomb'!

Below is Bokkie as a puppy as she has interestingly changed colour since then, and many have been asking of her origional colour: sorry they are not very good photographs. I am looking for our earliest photgraphs of her, she would be a couple of months here already.

Oops silly puppy- you are walking through your water!