Commercial USB to Gameport Adapters

Updated: (02/14/2016)
    This area contains an at a glance listing of various pieces of USB to Gameport hardware which have been located and used by the Joystick Rehab project. These items should be readily available online at various retailers including Amazon, Ebay, or simply located with Google or BING.  If you have difficulty locating a particular item, please use the forums.  Direct links to merchants are provided purely as a courtesy and are not an endorsement, nor do they indicate who has the lowest price. 

    It is not always easy to know exactly which standard for which your digital joystick was made, and sometimes special features on a given joystick or series of joysticks might not be supported. These controllers are very quick and dirty, but functional enough on a large amount of what is available in DA15 joysticks. Ultimately, Joystick Rehab wants to surpass these devices by using open source USB controllers which cost less to employ and can be programmed, but for those who are not technically inclined this is the best that can be offered. 

Mayflash USB to Gameport Adapter
The least expensive and arguably most common Joystick Adapter, this adapter is compatible with just about every Analog joystick ever made.  It is also known as the "Super Joy Box 7".  It is readily available on Ebay for less than $15 USD and can be directly ordered from Amazon.  For just about any joystick which is analog, it is the most ideal solution.  It is also the only adapter which supports the pre-USB Logitech digital joysticks of the Logitech Wingman to Wingman Extreme Series. It will work with the Wingman Warrior as well, minus the rotary control.

Mode "P"    -    Gamepad (2 Axis, 8 Buttons)
Mode "W"    -    Analog Joysticks (4 Axis, 4 Buttons)
Mode "S"    -    Logitech ADI Joystick (for Logitech Wingman Digital, and Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital)



Rockfire USB to Gameport Adapter
Rockfire's adapter is more expensive than the Mayflash, but was designed specifically with joysticks in mind.  It boasts four different modes of compatibility and supports the majority of digital joystick signal mixing standards.  It does not seem to be as commonly available as the Mayflash however, and is not longer available on vendors such as Amazon, but many of the vendors Amazon used to link still offer it for sale.

Mode 1    -    Thrustmaster FCS Compatible (For Thrustmaster Mark 1, Mark 2, and Top Gun Sticks)
Mode 2    -    CH Flightstick Pro Compatible 
Mode 3    -    Analog Joysticks (4 Axis, 4 Buttons)
Mode 4    -    Game Pad (2-Axis, 8 Button Compatible)



This device was donated to Joystick Rehab by CoolHand.

This particular adapter was designed specifically for the MS Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick, but will also work with the MS Sidewinder Precision Pro Gamepad, and possibly the Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D joystick.  It is very limited in the number of devices it supports, and the device must be modified in order to work properly with the joysticks for which it's designed.  A full article is available on this.

Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick (Non Force Feedback)
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Gamepad
Logitech Sidewinder Extreme 3D