You and I meet as strangers,
Each carrying a mystery within us.
I may never know who you are,
I may never know you completely.
But I trust that you are a person in your own right,
Possessed of a beauty and value that are earth's richest treasures.
So I make this promise to you.
I will impose no identities upon you but will invite
You to become yourself without shame or fear.
I will hold open a space for you in the world and
Defend your right to fill it with an authentic vocation.
For as long as your search takes,
You have my loyalty.
- Susan Trout

"The healing of ourselves as healers has to take place first. Bringing ourselves to wholeness, we become more sensitive to other people. In the change of consciousness that happens within us, we bring about change of consciousness in those around us and in the planet itself." 
-Marion Woodman

"If we can give up attachment to our roles as helpers, then maybe our clients can give up attachment to their roles as patients and we can meet as fellow souls on this incredible journey. We can fulfill the duties of our roles without being trapped by over-identification with them." 
-Ram Dass