Fun Stuff for Twirlers


You Know You're A Twirler When...

1. The furniture in your room is arranged to create the largest open space possible in order to practice.

2. You get upset when you can't find Baton Twirler Barbie.

3. You critique the technique of twirlers and dancers that you see on TV.

4. Even if you are terrible at math, counting to eight is no problem for you.

5. You are planning on or already have bought stock in bobby pins.

6. You have an entire closet filled with old costumes and practice clothes.

7. If seated, you cannot listen to music without mentally choreographing a routine in your head.

8. You can apply full make-up in 5 minutes (Bonus points if you can do it in a moving car.)

9. Hallways are always a place to practice leaps.

10. You own more leotards than formal gowns.

11. You can fix anything with safety pins.

12. You look at street clothes and see possibilities for practice outfits.

13. A broken finger is more than an inconvenience.

14. Costume catalogs are captivating reading material.

15. Seeing someone do splits does not send you into shock.

16. S t r e t c h i n g is not just something you do for a few seconds when you roll out of bed in the morning.

17. Baton Twirling is on the first items you write down when asked to list your hobbies.

18. Your parents yell at you to "Come Watch This!" when a twirler is on TV.

19. Nine out of ten of your tee shirts are from twirling events.

20. You find yourself walking in-step with people at school/work.

21. For you, the year is divided not by weather seasons but by football/competition/parade seasons.

22. You wish professional football games showed the half-time performance.

23. You say, 5,6,7,8 instead of Ready, Set, Go.

24. You can pose for a picture in an instant.

25. You rate surfaces for their turn potential.

26. You walk into a room and immediately look at the ceiling height.

27. You love to get into debates about whether twirling is a sport.

28. When you have more baton bags stuffed with batons than will fit into your closet

29. You think sore muscles are something people live with.

30. You have more trophies than shelves.

31. You have worn holes in at least one pair of baton shoes.

32. When you hear marching music, you want to scream to turn it off.

33. You twirl anything in your hand even if it's not a baton.

34. The night before a competition, instead of falling asleep, your mind is running through all of your routines.

35. Waking up early and going to bed late is not a problem for you.

36. You can fall asleep anywhere even when there is loud music playing.

37. Finding yourself sitting on the edge of your seat with your ankles crossed and your hands folded is no longer weird.

38. You can sing marching music for 24 hours without ever messing up.

39. You pick up anything and start throwing it around... long skinny objects are no longer needed.

40. You start having a seizure when someone is not stepping with the beat of the music

41. Having to change uniforms in 2 seconds doesn't stress you out.

42. You don't even care if you broke a nail. Again.

43. You feel like an old lady in need of a hip replacement from illusion after illusion.

44. When you hear any music you wonder if it has show twirl, freestyle or team possibilities.

45. When you're in gym class and you have to do hurdles, the teacher yells at you because you are doing leaps but you find it physically impossible to bend your knee like that.

46. If your hair always looks like it is up or has been up for a very long time that it permanently stays like that.

47. When competition season is your favorite part of the year and you can't wait for that hairspray/sweat mixed scent.

48. When as soon as you get home from nationals you wish you could go back and stay there for the entire year.

49. When you had to take the reflex test in school you had the highest in your class.

50. When instead of doing what you are supposed to do with the gym equipment, you twirl it.

51. People think your parents abuse you because of all the bruises.

52. Any time someone is sitting on there porch and you know they are watching you practice, you run and get your show twirl music, and do your routine for them.

53. If you feel frustration when someone says the word "rolls".

54. If you knew the word "ambidexterity" before most of your friends.

55. If proportionately you miss more school than twirling lessons/events.

56. If you take ballet because you know it will help your twirling.

57. If your VCR tape collection includes more twirling tapes than movies.

58. You take a camera to competition so you can film EVERY OTHER twirler, but not yourself.

59. When you don't even flinch when a baton comes at your head

60.When your calves are so big they won't fit into your boots.

The Twirlers' Creed
Courtesy of Association of Baton Twirling In Ireland

The contest last for moments
Though the trainings taken years
It wasn't the winning alone
That was worth the work and tears.
The applause will be forgotten,
The prize misplaced
But the long hard hours of practice
Will never be a waste
For in trying to win you build a skill
You learn that winning depends on will
You never grow by how much you put in
So in any new challenge you've just begun
Put forth your best and you've already won.



Baton Twirlers Have....


1. The hand-eye coordination of a baseball player,

2. The gracefulness of a ballerina and ice skater,

3. The tumbling and flexibility of a gymnast,

4. And the stamina and endurance of a runner.